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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Echo's troubles.

Last night I was out in my jim-jams and slippers giving Wildairo an apple and I heard a commotion coming from Echo's area of the darkness. I noticed his hay half eaten and spotted him with my little light kicking his belly like crazy and swishing his tail. I almost passed out with fright for these are signs of colic.

Then he took off and continued to canter around the big corral, down the ally and around the other corral. He was in a frenzy and I was worried he'd run into me in the dark and dust when I went after him. When I caught up with him it was obvious what was happening. I heard a loud buzzing as the swarm of mosquitoes buzzed around my head. Poor lad was being sucked dry by the little bastards. I went home to get my fly spray and asked Brad to spot for me because Echo was in a right tizzy. Brad felt really bad for him as well. We sprayed him down and he seemed very grateful. He wanted me to itch his belly really bad and pushed his bug bitten body into my hand. Funny how they didn't want to eat Wildairo. They had a bit of a nibble on me and now I really itch.

Here's Echo today, asleep with his bottom lip hanging down....notice the wild fire behind him.

Hey Echo, look behind you!

He's having a thinkie thought about this.

He got a little scratch on his nose the other day. Brad found the electric tape down and spread across the big corral. Also the gate near the building was open. Brad thinks Echo got caught in the tape raced off across the coral and hit the gate. The gate was open but Echo has a policy of not going through gates and every now and again it pays off. He also got a little scrape on his neck and below his knee. All on his right side so he must have hit the gate sideways. Poor little fellow has had a run of bad luck lately with bugs and stuff. Here's his poor little leg.

The boys are doing a pretty good job of trimming their hooves themselves. As much as I hate our rocky pastures and corrals, like Echo's gate deal, every now and again it pays off! Wildairo needs to pay better attention to his left front. Notice how much sturdier Wildairo's legs are.

Wildairo is standing on a little rock. That's why his right foot looks odd.

I haven't been doing anything with the horses except feeding them apples and giving them kisses. I have been trying to manage my pain which has hit an all time high. I've even fell over a few times. It's odd but I just trip and don't even try to catch my balance any more for some reason. The falling bit is fun till I hit the ground. I fell onto the hot drive way when it was 95 degrees and I sizzled like bacon in the frying pan. I had to roll onto the lawn because my knees are so inflamed I couldn't right myself on the cement. I had a laugh about it was just glad no one was around to see me! As I lay there I remembered how we used to laugh at those "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up' commercials. So I said it to myself and that made me chuckle more.