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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dandylyons is no longer with us.

DandyLyons   March 1st 1991 - July 30th 2015

Dandylyons and Foxsun.
 photo f5a572f4-f097-42aa-9d66-8b098ee779d9_zpsfpwukusz.jpg

 photo ae267bbf-c768-4d77-bfac-e64c643da955_zps7bydtrhs.jpg

Me and Dandylyons in 1993.
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William went to feed, saw her down and called us.  It's a call I've been dreading but expecting for a few years now.  She couldn't get up and I suspect she had a stroke.  I'm glad I was able to sit with her during her last hours and keep her company.  My own health took a turn for the worse over the last month or so, I've had to use a wheelchair, but I was able to sit in a lawn chair with a big umbrella shading her face from the sun.  

Echo wasn't sure about the big umbrella but I told him I had some apples and sang a little song to relax him.  Pretty soon his nose was poking under the umbrella.  He ate his apples and did his slurping thing to really enjoy them.  The sight of him with his eyes half closed and his tongue sticking out made me start laughing which I'd like to think Dandylyons enjoyed.

I'm so glad I had that one last walk with her in June.

That afternoon Brad buried dear sweet Dandylyons under the apple tree next to Foxsun.

24 is a long time to have a pet in your life and William was only two years old when she was born, so he's always known her.  She added much to our family and farm story and she will never be forgotten.  

Rest in Peace Dandylyons.  I really loved you.