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Monday, June 22, 2015

Just a evening stroll with my cow.

Dandylyons and I are still alive but not kicking so much.

My dear cow turned 24 years old in March 2015.
 photo f3e72686-4ff2-4a77-8fde-490ae22427df_zpsh7tcfnh4.jpg

I wish I could do more things with her and the horses, but I have a bit of trouble walking just lately.  It was such a nice cool evening I took Dandylyons for a little walk.  When she was a younger cow we would spend hours walking and exploring together.  I wanted to see if she would still follow me like she used to.  She did.

Cows and sheep don't understand you are waiting for them when you stand still.  They think the herd has stopped to eat.  But she would walk slowly to catch up when I got to far ahead.
 photo P1030674_zpsvlbgbd1e.jpg

William let the dogs out and Biskit was so excited to see a 'cow out'.  She loves chasing cows back in when they escape.  She was very confused when Dandylyons ignored her.  Biskit tried every trick in her herding book to get her going.  Nothing worked.  The funniest thing was when she did drive-by bites.  She'd run very fast passed Dandylyons and as she got next to her she's leap into the air and pretend to bite.  Matilda isn't really interested in cows.
 photo 0445702d-3d68-4c5f-9933-e6a14b611dbe_zpscclu7ynq.jpg

We didn't walk too far.  Just down the draw a ways, not far from our house.

Soon William joined us and when I got too tired William scooped the heavy just cut hay up out of the windrow and made a seat for me.   I had a nice back rest on the wheel line.
 photo 5dc14ac3-80b0-4faf-87ed-94c67a9d564e_zpsds9vetof.jpg

Brad came and we sat about and enjoyed the sunset.  Dandylyons gums made squeaking sounds as she chewed her food.