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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hang in there.

I hope everyone and their animals experiencing this terrible weather are doing OK. We had only a few inches of snow overnight and then it stopped but I have been watching Channel 6 in Spokane and that area has a few feet of snow and it's going to get worse there as the day goes on it seems. The bad snow seems to start and Davenport and all points east of there.

We have been carrying warm water to the horses. This morning they didn't want any, but last night they all drank gallons of it. I was proud of the mustangs drinking from a big purple tote. I bet they didn't see many purple totes in the wild.

I have to hold Foxsun so Wildairo can drink because it seems our friendly old Morgan is not very friendly to mustang colts, in fact he's darn right mean to Wildairo. Fox chases Wildairo away from the hay no matter how far I spread the piles out. The old boy spun around and started kicking in Wildairo's general direction like a bad mule. Wildairo started to do the same but quickly thought better of it. This is a side of Foxsun we have never seen. He's as sweet as pie with us. He gave me a big wet kiss on my face after he finished drinking. He might have been trying to dry his face off though coming to think of it. He holds his feet up so I can knock out the ice balls under his hooves and is a real gentleman. The mustangs are not getting the snow and ice build up under their feet like he is and I wonder why.

Echo has a spot he keeps clean in his pen. It's his little bed so I always makes sure it's free of rocks for him. I got a load of straw and put in there so he could have a straw mattress and be off the frozen ground. I was concerned he'd be scared of it and it would spoil his little sleeping area. Good news, the next morning he had straw on his back and in his mane. I want to cuddle him so bad.

It's about 18 degrees F here this morning and it feels warm after sub-zero temps and high winds. The other night I though it was warming up outside when I noticed the temp was 6, then I noticed the - in front of it!

Keep safe and warm everyone.


Linda said...

We're doing great over here on the West Plains--broke a record for snowfall last night and loving it! The horses are happy--they have automatic heated waterers, brought to them courtesy of my hubby last summer. Life is good!

The straw was a great idea--I bet they work better than woodchips! And, I agree--the teens do seem warm now!!! Call us CrAZy!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

We are fine here too. Just belly deep in snow for Pepper but hes short and fat. Take care.

Anonymous said...

The weather has been crazy all over the West it seems, huh? Well, I am glad the horses are enjoying some warm water. You guys stay warm up there. We are just in cold temps right now and the mountains have snow, but all the snow down in the valley is slowly melting away. Have a great holiday season!

lytha said...

this is why i love your blog (you are such an amazing writer): He gave me a big wet kiss on my face after he finished drinking. He might have been trying to dry his face off though coming to think of it.

countless times my beloved baasha would politely wipe his nose on my arm, regardless of short or long sleeves, so sometimes it was unpleasant. he did it so gently it was hard to see it coming, but then you'd have his snot on your arm. "I AM NOT YOUR TISSUE!" i would say, but he never understood.

i miss him so much.