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Friday, December 26, 2008

What a difference a year makes.

Here's me and Foxsun riding herd in December of 2007. I knew it would be the last time I rode for a long time; maybe the last time. So I took some pictures.

Foxsun is so mellow to ride. He's totally predictable. I only came close to falling off him once and it was when he was a very green three year old. A flock of birds took off out of a ditch we were traveling next to. He leaped forward and I grabbed the pommel just in the nick of time otherwise I would have been left behind.


We spot some cows in the distance.


After a lot of cow chasing fun we bring them in.


I couldn't put much weight on my destroyed right ankle to get on so that proved a bit difficult. Once in the saddle I was like a duck to water, till we trotted and posting really hurt!

And off into the winter sun we went.


I never dreamed I'd get anymore horses, let alone two wild mustangs! Here is a rare picture of my three horses in the same shot. Little Echos ears can be seen on the left.


Foxsun wants me to go in that building where he knows he gets his old horse grub.


Foxsun and Wildairo had ice on their backs but little hot blooded Echo melted it right off because he was sizzling. He knows that fence behind him is about to make it's move to kill him.


I gave him some carrots. Poor Little lad, he'd grab one and think he heard something behind him and he'd spin away quick to defend himself. He looked pretty ridiculous snorting and carrying on with that carrot poking out of his mouth.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

I tried this once, it didn't get to you so I will try again. I am glad you are doing well in this winter that seems to have engulfed us. Good to see the pictures of last year when you were riding you horse. Good memories.

Linda said...

Sweet memories--I'm really hoping you can ride again!!!

Cheryl Ann said...

What a lovely post! Sometimes we all need to sit down and remember good things! What happened to your ankle? My pinched nerve in my back is SLOWLY getting better. I woke up this morning and my left leg is barely numb! Progress! I go to the neurologist this morning and OF COURSE, it's better. Go figure!!! I was told to stay off my horse for 6 months and then to get the gel pads.

Tracey said...

I see whiskercicles!

arlene said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.
My ankle was crushed under a horses hoof back in '85 while my horse and I were chasing calves. I fell off and I don't know why. I landed on my head and he landed on my ankle. The ankle was bone on bone and wouldn't bend in the end. I had it totally replaced in march and it's SO much better.
A year ago the outlook was bleak because it looked like I couldn't get the operation and was looking like I had to have a total fusion or having it removed. A long story I should write about. Now I have another issue with my spine being depleted of calcium in a area that could fracture easy. But I'm fixing that too. Progress for me too Cheryl.

Good to hear from you Tracy.