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Monday, March 23, 2009

Echo won't leave his corral.

Today I tried to move Echo to a smaller pen so I could work with him but he was too scared to leave his corral. I have got him to follow me out and down the alley before, but today he said no.

I tried to lure him out with the mother of all those baby carrots he's been eating.


No go. So I threw a piece down on the ground in front of him.


Then he was content to stand there and do that thing where, after he crunches the carrot up, he spends ages with his lips tightly pursed making loud sucking sounds as he enjoys the carroty goodness. This is what his face looks like when he does it.


Next I tried hay. He peeked around the corner.


He was getting very hungry by now and decided that if he kept most of his body in his corral he'd be safe.


Meanwhile Wildairo is munching carrots and laughing at him.


And to think I've been worried about Echo escaping!! The wind was cold and I decided to call it a day. I will work with Wildairo first because he's always so eager to do thing's.

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Linda said...

That's hilarious!