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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family jewels and opera.

I picked up the two cats at the vets yesterday. Tommy came through like a champ. He jumped on Muffin as soon as he got back in the house. Maxwell had a big melanoma removed. He wasn't sick at all, just had a big lump. He's doing fine and is his same grumpy self.

Cats must love opera because I was playing an opera CD and the cats sang along all the way home. Max hit the low notes and Tommy took care of the high ones.

Tax day in the USA today. When I went to visit the mustangs I tried to explain taxes. They didn't seem to excited that the government takes our money (to do thing's like look after mustangs). Wildairo pointed out that he and his friends had no money to give to the government, so they took their family jewels.

Lovely Spring weather today although yesterday we had snow, hail and rain.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I'm glad the cats came through their surgeries so well!

Linda said...

We did our taxes a while back--paid so much in--we got a pittance back. yahoo.