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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poor Echo.

I noticed Echo's bottom lip was hanging down when I went to visit him. When I got closer I noticed he had bloody froth coming out of his mouth! He kept opening his mouth and was acting like something was caught in it. I thought it could be a baby tooth that was coming out and cutting his tongue. His teeth felt OK so I felt under his tongue and that's when I discovered the problem. One side was packed with seeds and bits of food. He'd been trying to get it out but couldn't. That poor boy. I got it all out. At least I hope I did. I'll have to keep checking to make sure he doesn't get an abscess from a seed. If this had happened a few weeks ago I would have had to put him in the chute to get at his mouth and it would have been pretty stressful for both of us.

After I got it out he seemed to be fine and I think he was pretty grateful.

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