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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Same old story.

William called me from England to tell me he was calling from the next decade. I asked him what it was like in the future and he told me that food come in pill form, cars fly and something about 'those damn dirty apes'. lol, that's me lad!

Yesterday I went to see my doctor in Spokane. The sarcoidosis has still got me in it's evil grip. Doc was crazy enough to suggest I give myself shots of some poison to suppress my over active immune system. I told him that wasn't going to happen.

After wards to cheer myself up we paid a visit to Northwest Seed and Pet on Sprague Ave. It's like a trip to the zoo for me.

The huge tortoise wanders around the store. I think his name is Nelson if I remember correctly. He looked like he was on a mission and so I followed him.

Sure enough, he was looking for a friend of his. He must have been asking him to have a race.

But the silly rabbit spotted my camera and came over to pose and just generally show off. He had fur like soft suede. I know this because I was trying to pushing him away from the camera.

While the rabbit was hamming it up the tortoise was off like a bolt of lightening.

...and like always he won the race.

This monster lives in the pet shop and guess who tried to poke her finger into the cage?

Here's the Meerkats of the reptile world.

Gertrude keeps an eye on things.

Feeling a bit guilty about just going in there to harass the animals, I bought some seed. Their gardening section is enough to get rid of a gardeners winter blues for sure.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I used to love to go to NW Seed and Pet when we lived up there. They had an armadillo wandering the store once. It climbed my leg. They don't feel at all like I thought they would.

I'm sorry about the sarcoidosis. My mom gives herself shots of some kind of immune suppressant. It makes her life more bearable, but the shots sting like heck.

Linda said...

I love NW Seed and Pet, too. I may have to go there this weekend since I have time on my hands and my husband's off work! I'm so excited for Spring this year to see what survives and comes up again!!!

Cheryl Ann said...

I threw out some California poppy seeds and African daisy seeds in November and they have already sprouted! Of course, our weather is a lot warmer than yours! Oh, and my sunflowers are about 4 feet tall and the sunflowers are just starting to develop! See my desert garden blog: