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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blondie holds court and I entertain.

At the edge of my garden is the much neglected rose garden. Most times I'm out there some cattle show up to watch me.

They seem to be fascinated with little Blondie.

She sits and listens to their complaints and the latest gossip.

I draw a bit of a crowd when I go for a swim as well. I bought this little pool to help me recover from ankle replacement and it's in its third year of service. I fill it up so the water comes up to my chest and it is a real nice cheap and easy to set up pool.

That's my long time friend, Dandylyons standing in the shade of Foxsun's apple tree.

The other day I had all the calves lined up watching me swim, so I put on one hell of a show.


CHHorsemanship said...

I might have skipped over this so please bear with me. Do you know what breed or what type of mis Blondie is? She just reminded me of my aunts dog that just passed so I was curious.

arlene said...

I don't know what breed mix Blondie is. My son and his wife got her from an animal shelter in Oklahoma when she was about two. I joke that she's a chihuahua coyote cross. She's a lovely little thing.