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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Herding dog meets herd for the first time.

The cows were near the house and so I took the opportunity to introduce Teddy to the herd.

She ran away.

But she came back.....



Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

She is so cute! And I bet when she gets older she'll help with the herding. It's amazing what they just naturally know. Just have to keep it in check and tell them when it's okay.

Huck takes huge pride in doing a job when I give him the go-ahead. He gets between us and any bulls when we're out on the trail, and will hold back a herd of escaped calves that are eating our hay but not chase them. He especially loves keeping Scout from pawing at the metal fencing panels, but it took some doing to get him to understand that he can't charge and bark unless Scout is banging on the panels, not when he's just standing there.

I'm loving reading about your adventures with Teddy.

arlene said...

Huckleberry sounds so wonderful. I hope Teddy grows up to be clever like him. Yes, it's amazing how they seem to be born herders.