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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teddy gets around.

Teddy is meeting the animals on our farm. Here she is saying hello to Echo.

I took Teddy to work with me and Blondie. She curled up with Blondie in the bed that I put in a laundry basket. Blondie was glad of the extra warmth.

Friday we took her shopping. She sat so nicely in the Ranch and Home (now Big 5) shopping cart as I shopped for toys, puppy food and a new bed. Surrounded by her new stuff, people came to talk to her which was what I wanted. I want her to enjoy going places and being okay with strangers.

Here she is shopping for plants in the Home Depot. I put her new bed in the cart and she was asleep most of the time.

I've never had a pup that was so good about not doing their business in the house as Teddy. She spends the night in the down stairs bathroom and after spending 6 nights here she has only done two puddles in the bathroom over night and that was the first two nights. She sleeps all night as well. During the day, as soon as she wakes up from her frequent naps, I carry her out to the lawn and she hasn't gone in the house since the first few days!

She's becoming a bit of a terror and has already ripped Brad's pants when she grabbed them when he was walking. She thinks it's funny. She ran into my legs this morning and I think she may have learned a lesson from it because I accidently stepped on her paw. Poor little Teddy ran off holding her paw up and I felt like a puppy beater.

I have bought her lots of chew toys. Some of the toys were in the bathroom and she went and got them one by one and bought them into the living room. Bobby respects her stuff but Blondie will steal her treats. There was a raw hide chew on the floor that Teddy had walked off from and Bobby stood over it with her head down just staring at it. She loves them but knew it belonged to the 'baby dog'. She sat next to Brad's chair with her head over the arm rest and just cried. Blondie doesn't give a hoot, she'll sneak up and grab Teddy's stuff.

Here's Bobby with her first toy ever. Bobby is 9 and has never been interested in dog toys. She prefers to spend her time chasing Rock Chucks (marmots), but she has joint problems now and so I called this squeaky pig a "Rock Chuck" and she's been 'killing it' on a regular basis.

Notice the hair on her face is worn off from shoving her head into pipes and rock holes after Rock Chucks. Needless to say she hasn't quit hunting the real thing.


Linda said...

Oh, what a sweet puppy! I bet everyone in Home Depot loved seeing her. Bobby looks like a good girl, too. My dogs spend a lot of time digging for voles and eating them. :/ ick.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Bobby is so cute she doesn't even look real! She looks like a big cuddly stuffed toy. I love her squeaky pig.

Of course Teddy is adorable too. In the picture with Blondie she looks just like my Huckleberry.

Good job getting her out around people. I wish I had done more of that with Huck. I did do a lot of it, but apparently not enough. He's not good at all with strangers, especially old people and really young people because they move differently. He thinks they're very threatening and wants to protect me from them. I have to be careful where I take him. He was kind of a pain on our camping trip this weekend. I had to keep him with me on a leash so he wouldn't scare anyone.