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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teddy goes Big Walkies.

This is not our neck of the woods. We didn't get much snow this year...let alone this!

We're heading West on Interstate 90. This is the summit at Snoqualmie Pass.

Teddy had arrived in the Emerald City.

Seattle, Washington.

So many new things for her to see!

She didn't know if this was a duck or a chicken....but respected his space.

She was impressed with the big barns.

It was raining...surprise surprise. Not many people about. Teddy wanted to meet the cow dogs who had sorted all the local cows and got them put away for the evening.

We took shelter and warmed up. This place was full of the aroma of cooking fish.

Teddy might look like a sweet well behaved little dog in these pictures but I'm afraid this isn't the case. Her belly is full of stolen food. Before we went to the waterfront we went to a vegan restaurant called the Wayward Vegan Cafe in the University district that William had been to a few times and said it was really good. And it was! For the first time ever Brad and I ordered the same thing from the menu. I couldn't believe it...a huge menu and everything on it I could eat.

I've been a vegetarian since 1974 and William all his life.

Brad will and does eat the flesh of the animal, when he gets the chance, and William and I give him hell for it. :) When Brad was attending Washington State University he was an Animal Science major and had a paper published in some beef magazine about how vegetarians are misguided fools and all that rubbish. Oh the irony! With a room full of vegans enjoying their lunch I asked him, rather loudly about that article he wrote and he played the old innocent and changed the subject. lolololololol

I had The Club sandwich and was huge and I could only eat half. I took the rest with me in a take-away box. I made the mistake of giving Teddy a taste. Her eyes got huge when she tasted that delicious vegan food. I thought I hid the box pretty good, but when we returned after shopping at Seattle Pottery Supply, the box was torn open, empty and Teddy had a big smile on her face.

We left William in Seattle and he will becoming back with a friend later in the week. The journey home took longer than expected because they were doing avalanche control up at the summit. We had to park on the freeway and wait for about 45 minutes for them sure everything was safe. A lot of people got out of their rigs and were milling about. I suspect people were sizing each other up in case we ended up stuck there for months like the Donner Party in 1847.

"The Donner Party was an 87-member group of American pioneers who set out in a wagon train going westward, until getting bound in by snow in the Sierra Nevada. Casualties were extremely high and many of the survivors cannibalized members of the party who had already died".

No worries for Teddy for she was on her back with her legs in the air, sleeping off my dinner and her amazing adventure.

I'm looking forward to returning to the Emerald City and I think Teddy is as well.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Looks like a fun trip! What a lot of snow on the pass!

lytha said...

"the big barns" *lol*

i sure miss my city. thanks for posting this. i get to see my city again on july 28 for 3 weeks. WOO!

i'll be crossing the pass though to pick some sage.

~lytha in germany