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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Arlene's Garden Tour 2012 - Last day.

The birds like to follow me around the garden, hoping I stir up some worms or bugs.  Here are my two ducks, Ducky Boy and Ducky Girl.

The chickens are great company, but make growing things difficult.  They redeem themselves though when it comes to snake and bug control.

Jet Lag, champion Rooster and fighter of coyotes, challenges me to a dual here.  William scoops him up for me and when the hens are not looking, Jet Lag enjoys a cuddle.

I planted some plants on and around this old spool.  Here's a bare spot and you can see put a big pot on the top.  It was the first time I've ever done it and next year I will plant it up earlier.

It brings the petunias into better sniffing distance.

I like nice fragrant plants near the doorways.

I seeded some ornamental grasses into pots earlier this year.  I need to think of a place to plant them before the Autumn.  In the background is the duck house.  The ducks go into their dog run and then duck house every evening and we just have to remember to lock them in.  They have a child's toy pool to play in...they are not called waterfowl for nothing..the pool has to cleaned out every few days. They are such fun pets to have and I love to see them fly.

William comes in for a break and makes me laugh about something....he has me chuckling all the time.

I put a big pot of cherry tomatoes growing right next to a comfy chair to encourage snacking...and it worked!

I think for next years tour I'm going to feature the front side of the garden and house, which gives me the challenge of tackling the rose garden.

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