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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mystery in the snow.

I haven't been able to write due to my aches and pains.  If I had been able to sit up long enough to write, I'm afraid it would have been nothing but complaining and every sentence ending in "ouch".  As soon as I think I know everything that sarcoidosis is going to throw at me, there is something new and worse.  The doctor told me that the sarcoidosis has caused a lot of inflammation in my body and nerves are being pinched.  

Sunday morning I woke up almost pain free and able to move.  This inflammation can almost disappear overnight, kind of like a switch is flipped.  I was thinking how to spend the day while watching William and Teddy go off to feed the cows and horses from the comfort of my comfy chair.  After about an hour they came back with Teddy looking so pretty and bounding through the snow ahead of William.  William walked into the living room and to my horror said, "There's a lot of blood outside and it wasn't there when I left".

First day back on the job of feeling normal and ...this.  Right away I looked at the cats - all sleeping in the living room and all accounted for.  I thought the victims must be the birds...Ducky Boy or Ducky Girl, our gallant brave Rooster Jet Lag or his girls.  We went outside and saw the blood in the snow.  I said it must be Jet Lag's because he is a fighter and wouldn't go down without a fight.  William took a look in the hen house and saw ALL the birds in there, including the traumatized looking ducks, who normally don't hang out in the hen house.

It seemed like we had a real mystery on our hands.  The snow fell during the night and so it was pretty pristine except for the crime scene.  The paw prints where the blood was were coyote's along with deer and several quail tracks.   I started putting the evidence together and I concluded it was a murder involving a deer, a quail and a coyote.  The deer might have just been a innocent bystander and I suspect the quail was the victim.  I also threw in a interesting twist; the deer could have been injured and the quail had nothing to do with it.  I doubt the coyote was the victim though.  

The photo below is rather horrible, but is the least gruesome.....

You can see it is a multi-species crime scene.  Those are my boots and the porch is to the right.

Brad and I followed the coyote tracks.  I had to keep telling Brad not to walk in the evidence.  I was so happy that I could walk about again and take part in an investigation.

We saw the deer ahead of us but we never spotted any coyotes, only coyote tracks crisscrossing the trail.  When we got home I had another look around and noticed more coyote tracks in front of the house and more blood.  It seems the quail flock were jumped and chased under our porch by more than one coyote!   All the time I was sitting in my comfy chair by the window.  All that action right under my nose and the porch and I missed it.   I think birds are easier for the coyotes to hunt in the snow.

That night the wind picked up and it was sleeting really heavy.  We lost power for four hours.  Now the higher temperature have melted all the snow.

I will post pictures of my English adventure next :)

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

How strange! Glad it wasn't one of your animals that got eaten.