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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wildairo enjoys Bran Muffin Sunday.

Wildairo still nickers softly and continually when he sees me, even though he's sort of regained his wild horse card.

He was happy to see me, until he spotted William behind me.  William feeds him every day, but seeing more than one human must have made him think it was the dreaded BLM having another round up or something.  His thoughts, to the annoyance of their mothers, was to save the children.

He grabbed a few of the calves and herded them to safety.
 photo 55e1e32d-7621-4c40-a670-93a5fb36d884_zpscadd247d.jpg

He gets along really well with the calves and looks after them.  He allows them to share his food and he even licks them.  Who'd have thought that Wildairo had a feminine side.

He stood far back, maybe fully expecting the helicopter and wranglers to show up.
 photo d3e7c161-2558-476d-b5f0-d28d09f61121_zps85ca0dc4.jpg

But wait!
 photo 8a36ec83-01ee-471a-aa1a-34a6668ccfbb_zps7d247efb.jpg

Think of the all the trouble the BLM could save if they got all the mustangs addicted to muffins!

With eyes full of muffin love he was in heaven.
 photo 9be3800c-f6c4-49b0-a9ab-d158f0dbcaed_zps2de5ce16.jpg

 photo 121826eb-1fbe-44a0-bc7c-8b13ddf23994_zpsf5707b64.jpg

He also enjoyed two apples.

Echo had some apples as well.
 photo f515b348-4f5c-4bc2-9cf3-1d8303799ce9_zps5edb593b.jpg

Notice Dandylyons in the back ground.  Even though I bottle fed her from birth, she will not eat out my hand.  Maybe she resents the fact I pushed food in her mouth when she was little.  I was trying to get her to like the taste.  Little calves copy their mums (or Wildairo) and nibble the same things they eat.  But Dandylyons never saw me eat hay or grass and so she didn't till she was older than a normal calf would be.  I would push bits of food in her mouth hoping she would like the taste.  Maybe I should have got down on my hands and knees and shown her how it was done.  When she was little I would often take her to visit the herd.  The big cows would rush to see what was up....why was this calf following a human??  Dandylyons was frightened of them and would hide behind me.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Looks like everyone is happy and healthy there. That's so sweet that Wildairo takes care of the babies.

Katkrazy23 said...

I love your stories about the mustangs and Dandylyons.