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Friday, June 21, 2013

Why has Teddy got this funny look on her face?

 photo ac17a76a-b23b-412a-af61-ff9251cf9353_zps57c947d8.jpg

The bigger picture reveals the answer..........She has become a big sister!
 photo 488b2452-484f-4f28-9c8a-a1259d67d700_zps0ca064a1.jpg

Teddy's Mini-Me, Biskit was born on April 28th 2013.
 photo d7897f03-fd52-492c-a22d-2195dc8bed9f_zps3e71d2d6.jpg

One day I was sitting on a bench with Teddy, having a rest while shopping.  A lady walking past did a double take.  She told me her daughter-in-law had a dog that looked just like Teddy and she'd had a pups two days earlier.  I selected a pup who was the same color as Teddy.  The breeder put new pictures on-line as the pups grew and I have been getting so excited about our new pup.

Thursday I had to have another MRI in Moses Lake, and we were able to pick up our little pup on the way home.  Here she is right after we drove off.  Look at how relaxed Teddy and Biskit are.  It's like they have known each other all their lives.  
 photo f611a71e-a4e4-46eb-a76c-b190cff057a7_zps8a707552.jpg

Biskit seems to be a bit bolder than Teddy.  Even though we have been taking Teddy almost everywhere with us since she was 6 weeks old, she still is very shy.    She will growl at people if it looks like they are coming towards her.  As long as people ignore her, she is fine.  She will calmly walk behind people or through crowds, but when someone looks at her, in her mind they are getting out of line.  Just like cattle I suppose, she likes to see people moving away from her.  At the dog friendly stores, she begs for dog treats at the check-out.  Funnily enough that's the only time she tolerates people looking at her and she will even let them pet her.....for a treat!

Here is Teddy at the feed store getting a treat.
 photo f2eb89c2-f789-42a5-b32f-f8aed1155e79_zps73127b85.jpg

Biskit has been chased and pecked by my one eyed hen, Henrietta and mother hen, Clucky.  Other than that, she's having a great time.  She comes when I call her and in the 24+ hours we have had her, she has asked to go outside and hasn't had any accidents indoors.  We are well pleased with her.

Teddy was letting Biskit jump all over her back and was pretending not to notice, but later on was really rough housing with her.
 photo d0b7af74-a49b-44e5-8bcd-f9c63760ae0c_zpse6f4ca03.jpg

Here's Biskit on the move.
 photo 50b4c6d9-7c5c-491d-a950-095c61b1ca1e_zps2108eac1.jpg

Teddy and Biskit are Australian Shepherds.


Katkrazy23 said...

Ahh, so sweet.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Too cute! Congrats on your new family member! Aussies are the best. Other than that anti-social streak. We just got back from a 4 day trip and boy was I ever happy to see my fluffy dogs!