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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Putting up the timothy hay.

First day of cutting.  William takes his dad some cold water.  Brad is cutting the timothy grass under our circle.
 photo 34bcae30-eb2b-4e2f-89b7-d85b298c9a92_zps9072da18.jpg

We bought a dicsbine to cut the grass.  We are retiring our old swather....well it kind of retired its self.   Brad is the one who cuts the hay, but here he's off enjoying the refreshments we brought him.
 photo d6281055-0478-449a-8d0e-032561a6f057_zpsa4bc17f9.jpg

Before it's baled, it's fluffed up with a hay tedder.  With alfalfa we rake two rows into one.
 photo c495347a-64b4-4276-aaad-9e58219caf08_zps4d4bea92.jpg

Hot dogs.  It was too hot for the dogs.
 photo 5351d8ce-e680-4db0-82bb-16364b644dae_zpsed5a30ce.jpg

I can't stand up for long because of my injured back, and desperately needing to get out of the sun, I sat with the dogs in the tall timothy.  I leaned against the circle wheel and my feet in the deep wheel track and it was rather nice till I panicked when I heard the tractor coming.  I forgot I was safe against the circle wheel as I struggled to get to my feet.
 photo 4c2646f9-a0f0-4495-b37e-783851062684_zps346407eb.jpg

William is the one who does the baling.  The timothy was as tall as me in places and made huge windrows.
 photo 0377110a-5d4d-4e9f-a5c0-327b5dc63adf_zps0aacc208.jpg

Brad operates the tractor picking up the bales and William drives the truck.  They had about 30 loads.
 photo b8a9e2c2-9712-4bbd-9410-8d70fb366140_zpsacff701a.jpg

William took this photos for me.  I'm so glad I wasn't there when this happened!  Brad was putting a bale on the top row of the trailer and it rolled off and landed on to the top of his tractor!  It's a jolly good thing the tractor has a strong cab or else it would have ended bad for Brad.  The bale weighs over 1100 pounds!
 photo 3eee24ca-3d47-4c9b-8316-28e3cc025dc6_zpsd846c9a0.jpg

It looks like cows are going to be eating this hay in Japan!  I hope they enjoy it.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wow, that is scary the way that blue landed! Farming really is dangerous work.

I was wondering if you export your hay and you read mind and answered my question. :)

Katkrazy23 said...

Wow! Hsy is a lot of work. Glad the falling bale didn't hurt anyone.

Katkrazy23 said...

Oops! Hay! lol