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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The many faces of Biskit.

I have never known another dog like Biskit.  She is full of mischief, does very naughty things and yet it's hard to be mad at her.

Right from the very start, Biskit wanted the shotgun seat and so Teddy had to sit on her!
 photo 38f470dc-b070-4316-b293-9df8e07c48cf_zps182956bf.jpg

Now I have two Australian shepherds in the front seat.   Teddy is wearing a hat.  I don't know why.
 photo 5ebdda09-1079-4df8-945a-7d6a270c330b_zps582d455d.jpg

Biskit has funny ears.  They seem to reveal what is going on in her brain.  Here her ears are in the neutral position.
 photo bcb59bdb-115c-4790-84d6-81641c81bdd6_zpsbb246c47.jpg

When one ear sticks up, it's a sign she's starting to have wicked thoughts.
 photo d4cec6ae-92ec-4852-adad-0116500324b3_zps2b590382.jpg

When both ears shoot up...LOOK OUT!
 photo 8d27590f-02ee-44b1-8104-35cb09d7b893_zpsf9f6cdc8.jpg

Usually when her ears shoot up she has to carry out mischievous stuffing her head into a box or destroying something in the house.
 photo c0da15d9-3f5a-43b1-8e62-a81b4dfa9827_zpsb028e2ed.jpg

Here she is right after I found her up to no good.  When she's in trouble she runs to one of the other dogs or a person to protect her.  This day we were alone in the house and so she ran to the dog chair and tried to look innocent and pathetic.  Look at the side of her mouth....that's part of the corn (maize) cob she took off the table to shuck and nibble all the corn off.  I held it up, like I do with some of the things she's destroyed, and say, "Who did this?"  and Bisket puts her ears into the 'begging forgiveness' position.
 photo 4d4ebf76-2883-4703-9042-f0f8a9f432b9_zps0b3dde44.jpg

Like this.  Her ears almost disappear and she sometimes shows me her gums.  
 photo ca11bbae-d17b-494e-940c-db8964b20283_zps9d7aff28.jpg

Here's a list of what she's destroyed or damaged.  My phone cover, two remote controllers, a calculator, my straw hat, my prescription glasses, an expensive cushion for my back, important documents, book covers, chair legs, rugs, pens, pencils, sculptor tools, pot plants and more.

She goes through a lot of trouble to get things she wants, like jumping up on tables.  She pulled my bag of the table, emptied and sorted through it.  She chewed up my glasses case to get to what she wanted, my glasses.  She raced around the house with them throwing them and chewed them up.  I thought she was playing with her teething keys, until she threw what was left of my glasses at my feet.

As soon as my back is turned she's up to no good.  She tore the rubber backing of my TV remote control and pre-programmed into it a kids program called 'Noodle and Doodle', which she was watching when I walked in.   It's hard to stay mad at her.  We thought she was house broken, but one day she was having so much fun outside, she forgot to go.  She did a poo in the dining room, on what is left of the oriental rug.  Right on the top of the pile, like a flag on the summit, was one of her puppy teeth.  So we ended up laughing about that.

This was her first time shopping.  She was bit nervous and so we put her in the cart and she climbed into the front part.  She has been shopping since and is remarkably calm.  She walks along so quietly and doesn't put a paw wrong.  She is the same around the cattle.  She knows when it's time to play and when it's time to behave.   photo 045e76e3-3a3e-44a6-9905-4028ceadb831_zpsdbfee650.jpg

Last week she was spayed and micro chipped.  The next day she was playing with Teddy like nothing happened.  She loves Teddy so much.  Yesterday, when Brad took out her stitches, it took three of us to stop her from wiggling.  I think she's hyperactive.

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Katkrazy23 said...

She is a cutie, can't stay angry
with that face.