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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enough already!

Another snow storm greeted me this morning when I opened my eyes. I have had more than enough of this awful weather.


Foxsun seems back to normal so I turned him out with the cows. Wildairo wanted to go with him. I told him he couldn't go out till we've had a 'catching and haltering' refresher course.

Poor Echo's corral is muddy. He does have a dryer spot where he likes to sleep. It'll dry down soon because we have sandy soil here. No clay. I have found four of his baby teeth so far. They were easy to find on top of the frozen ground. I don't think I'll find anymore now the ground is all churned up. The last one I found was pretty big and had a sharp point where it went into the gum. It had a bit of blood on it. I was with him when he was trying to work it out. He kept poking his tongue around his mouth and holding his head down with is mouth open. I bet it poked his gum when it came out. I can't find Wildairo's teeth because his corral is too big.

It was so cold and breezy out there today that I didn't spend much time with the mustangs. The cold is really bothering me this year.

I'm getting Echo used to me moving my arms around while he's standing close. I can reach out my hand towards his neck and he doesn't jump back anymore. He will put his nose on my hand even if I hold my hand behind my back, which puts his shoulder close to my body. This makes me nervous because I'm afraid something will spook him and he'll shy into me. The way we're going about this we have to trust each other not to do anything silly. He is not acting so spooky anymore. He used to be scared of his own tail.

When I get ready to leave him I always say, "Bye Bye Echo" and it's funny because when he hears me say that he tries to make me stay. I think that little mustang knows more words than your average dog. I find being around him very relaxing. Foxsun is demanding and Wildairo acts like he mad at me (which he probably is) and he stays that way till I've sweet talked him for a while. Echo just loves to interact.

When I walk through the corral to let Foxsun out, Wildairo tries to approach me and Foxsun puts his ears flat back till they disappear into his winter coat and he chases Wildairo away from me. Wildairo keeps trying to get back to me and so around and around they go. I don't like to be in the middle of a horse chase.

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Cheryl Ann said...

One of my mustangs, Scout, doesn't like me to leave either! Yesteday she followed me all around the corral and butted Cali away a couple of times! I brushed her and I'll go back up there today. Aren't mustangs funny? I really enjoy being with Scout~~she is just so naturally curious!