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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wildairo see's something new and Echo learns a lesson.

I had a dream last night. It was a wonderful dream. In my dream it was like the old days, I was painfree, strong and full of energy. I went into Echo's corral with a lasso and roped him. He put up a tiny struggle but then let me pull him to me. He stood still and I stroked his neck. It was wonderful. I couldn't stop smiling and he relaxed and enjoyed being touched.

When Echo wore a halter and lead rope for those first few days, he put up a tiny resistance when I pulled him over to me, then just came when I gave a little tug and called him.

I noticed it was 50 degrees outside when I went out to visit the horses. I turned Foxsun out again. Wildairo wanted to go out as well. I think I better wait till Brad's around before I let him out.

Foxsun got a nice rub down. I cannot feel any of the dreaded Pigeon fever swellings on him and he's put on some weight over winter.
Poor Foxsun never did grow much of a forelock or mane.


Once Foxsun was gone I showed my hiking poles to Wildairo who thought they were pretty neat.




He had a little nibble to see if they tasted good.

I tried bashing away at the frozen ground to make a little ditch to drain away a puddle in Echo's corral. I got some of the water to drain away. Even though the ice has melted the ground is still frozen and keeping it trapped.

Echo has stopped imagining that monsters are coming over the bluff to eat him but he is acting very nervous towards me. I was a bit bothered that he had taken a step backwards. I haven't done much with him because of the ice everywhere and I didn't want him to slip and fall. But today I thought now was my chance while the ice has melted. I walked behind him and before he could turn to face me, I flipped the plastic bag of carrots in his direction and he quickly moved forward then spun to face me, snorting and tossing his head. I held my hand up and told him to "step up". To my amazement he did. He walked right up to me and touched my hand. I gave him a baby carrot for being so good. I did it several more times while I was stepping backwards and making him touch his nose on my hand. Just like I taught him to do last fall. The way he does it is so sweet. It's like he's grateful that we can do something together.

All the little lad wants is leadership. He's a follower and that's the reason he gets so scared being alone in his corral.


Linda said...

It's getting warm your way. I look forward to 50. That's very good of Echo--you'll make a lot of progress with him this Spring when you can get out there every day again. Love the pictures of Wildairo and Foxsun.

Cheryl Ann said...

He sounds a lot like my gelding, Sunni! Sunni needs a leader, too! That's why I LOVE reading your blog!