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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mustangs are the melting pot of the horse world.

I have heard that some people have a bad opinion of mustangs and or even hate them.

My two adopted BLM mustangs came from the same wild horse herd. They were captured on the same day in August 2007. They are complete opposites of each other.

Wildairo is a big brave bay gelding. As a newly adopted horse he'd stand his ground and fight if necessary instead of fleeing. Not once has he ever tried to bolt through a fence or even think about it. He loves to try new foods, enjoys an occasional adult beverage. He was a breeze to halter train because he enjoys new experiences and human devices like bamboo poles, plastic bags, ropes, brushes gave him not one second of fear. He'll walk boldly up to a new object, like a wheelbarrow, and rub his nose all over it because Wildairo has to have a good reason to fear something. He does have a comical distrust of strangers because he's not exposed to new people very often. He's not looking for excuses to act silly or spook and he would make a wonderful trail horse. I love him dearly.

Echo is a small very dark bay. He is the sweetest horse I have ever been around. No matter how scared he has become he never has attempted to bite or strike out. He never has even put his ears back. Echo is scared of every thing including his own tail. He needs a leader. He is intelligent and very responsive. Even though he's not halter broke yet he has learned to step up and rub his nose on my upraised palm when asked to. He knows his name and will walk right up to me when called if all his calm in his world and the wind isn't blowing his tail around too much. I feel very protective towards the little boy and will keep him forever as my pet if nothing else. My big goal is too halter break him and work on his fears.

To say that you don't like mustangs is really saying you don't like horses. Mustangs are all horses, all colors, all sizes and all temperaments. Some are elegant and fine, some descendants of draft horses, some are descendants of brave fearless Calvary horses, some were bred by native Americans, some were brought to the new world by the Spaniards centuries ago and some are ponies. Most are all of the above. Mustangs are all of the horse world.

They are the ultimate horse experience. You adopt a completely wild horse. His first halter is put on his a cattle chute and he's scared to death and trying to escape. He's yours. It's like Christmas morning. You don't know what you have but it's beautiful. Not matter his temperament he comes to you as pure as the driven snow. You have to win his trust and he has to win yours. He's a herd animal and you are his new herd. He wants to know his place in the new herd and wants you to show him. Some, like Wildairo are bold and brave and adapt very quickly. Some are like Echo and you have use all your horsey knowledge, compassion and patience.

To say you don't like mustangs is saying not only don't you like horses but it is saying you don't want or you are incapable of accepting the unknown, the unproven but purest of all horses, the American Mustang.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

So well said Arlene. All sizes, colors, temperments, personalities, - just like people huh? Love mustangs love, love, love them.

Linda said...

Yes, nicely put. Mustangs are great! I LOVE mine!! They're savvy!

Cheryl Ann said...

Arlene, GREAT POST! My gelding, Sunni, is like your Echo. Scared of EVERYTHING! The ferrier...the vet...the gate...the wind...Once he sees that it isn't going to eat him, he calms down! I talked to my cousin and she will take him for the summer and work on his fears and his confidence. He will be a completely different horse by the time she's done with him!