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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Foxsun gives Echo a heart attack almost.

The other day Foxsun wore his horse hat for the first time. He didn't know he was allowed to move when he was wearing it, so he stood still in the middle of the lawn. Brad had to lead him around to show him he wasn't blind or paralyzed.

He had a super time in his fly bonnet. That evening I was giving the mustangs some carrots when Echo suddenly turned into 'a high stepping above the ground' creature. I thought, 'What the...' then I saw Brad bringing Fox in for the night. I had to yell at Brad to take off his horse hat otherwise Echo was going to have a heart attack. What Echo did was so incredible I plan to have a camera handy next time Foxsun wears his hat. Echo is the Freaking Out champion of the world I think.

Here's Foxsun enjoying the shade under the apple tree near my pool. He has a bucket of water there so he doesn't try to drink my pool water. When the water warms up I'm looking forward to showing Fox how humans can swim.

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Love the pool!

Poor Echo. He must have thought Foxsun was a monster.

Horses are funny with fly masks. Our Cisco doesn't like to wear them. I think he thinks they're beneath him.