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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Foxsun The Wander Horse.

I haven't blogged for awhile because Foxsun's condition has been changing from day to day. He would have some good days but more bad days. Brad feeds in the morning and a couple of times he'd call and tell me that Fox was needing his pain meds right now. His grain would be untouched and he'd be depressed.

I'm very happy to report that about Friday he seemed to turn the corner. His big droopy belly seemed to shrink and his attitude changed. Yesterday he was even better and today he was back to normal. This has really been hard on us to see him so ill and I really thought he was going to die. I dreaded the thought of being left with two young mustangs who have no idea where they can and can't go on our place. We need Foxsun to show them around and how to behave as ranch horses.

Here is Foxsun on Friday. He was out wandering around and I dubbed him the 'Foxsun the wander horse'. He generally comes when I call him.

I escorted him to the meadow so he could eat some greener stuff.

Later he followed me to feed the mustangs. He had to test the hay first. Even though he can eat whatever he wants he got excited when I picked up the hay fork. Wildairo bangs the fence with his hoof trying to get Foxsun to feed him.

Foxsun really likes Echo.

Here's Foxsun Saturday.

And today.

It's so nice to see him improve. Today he was tearing up the grass like there was no tomorrow. He doesn't eat much of the really green stuff for long. He likes to mix it up with some of the shorter drier grass that grows around the stack yard or some hay.

We are now feeding the mustangs this years hay crop and they love it. They started on it before it was baled (right out of the windrow) and I found it's impossible to fork loose hay over a fence when it's windy. I've been picking hay out of my hair.

I stayed up late the other night waiting for the dew to come on. When the hay was just right, (that's when you can grab a handful of alfalfa and squeeze it and the leaves don't shatter) I woke up Brad to bale. I'm so glad it wasn't me. I have done my fair share of night baling. The first time I did it I was all alone in a very dark field walking in circles trying to find where Brad had parked the tractor and baler. It wasn't all bad, sometimes I baled all night and would watch the sun come up. Although thing's got ugly once the seagulls showed up and started eating all the rodents I uncovered. I remember a gruesome sight of gophers caught in the bales getting eaten by the gulls. Yuck!

This field is 100% alfalfa and is the best I've seen. Each of these bales weigh 100 Lbs. We will get two more cuttings this year.

Now the edema has gone down and Foxsun has got his appetite back I expect him to start gaining weight and energy. The other day when it was hot I had a rope around Foxsun's neck and as leading him to our house so he could graze by the meadow, he was walking too fast for me to keep up so I pulled the rope off him to let him go. He stopped and waited for me to catch up and then walked slower beside me. It was so sweet. When he thought we were turning right I said "No Fox, this way" and he just came back and continued beside me to the house. Once at the house I went inside to get out of the sun and heat (it makes me ill because of the sarcoidosis) and when I looked out he was still standing in the driveway waiting for me. He thought I was getting his tack to ride him..oh dear.. I had to tell him his services were not required. He was still so ill that day, poor chap. I went back out and he followed me to the maple tree shade but still stood waiting, so I walked under the oak tree and lay down on my belly because I was getting light headed. He stood beside me and my head was about 18" from his back feet. I wasn't worried because for years I've seen new calves all sleeping around his feet and he's so careful not to step on them. After awhile he wandered off to graze and I was able to get in the house and enjoy the air conditioning. Phew.


nikki said...

Glad to hear Foxsun is feeling better. I hope it continues and he's back to good health again soon!!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Whew that good news that Foxsun is better. Worried when we didn't hear from you for a while. I will be calling and hope for next Sunday if that is OK.

Cheryl Ann said...

What beautiful alfalfa! I wish I had some of it! I'm so pleased to hear that Foxsun is doing better. Good news!