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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden horses and outlaws.

Foxsun seems to be improving still. I saw him trotting a little bit the other day as he was making his way back to the corrals. He saw the cows were in and wanted to go into the corrals so he could visit over the fence with his old cow wife. Dandylyons hung around after the herd left to be with him for awhile and when she left I brought him back here. Sometimes he forgets there is a tub of water here and out of habit heads to the corrals when he's thirsty which sends Echo into a frenzy because he thinks he's a rouge stallion coming to fight. Echo snorts out warnings and pretty much becomes unglued when he sees Foxsun walking towards him.

Foxsun still likes to hang around the garden and graze on a variety of different grasses. He can eat alfalfa if he wants but doesn't seem to want it. He's also refusing his senior ration but loves the Big-R Sweet Cob. Everyday I squirt five doses of meds and the supplement Red Cell in his mouth with an old worming syringe. Instead of becoming more head shy about it he's become so good I don't put a halter on him to do it.

Here he is in the garden yesterday.

He's a really good garden horse because he doesn't eat the flowers or shrubs. He's careful where he walks and respects the flower beds but he does like to rub his back on the larger shrubs.

I wonder what the UPS man thought when he saw him? I suppose he was just glad not to get barked at or chased.

In my determination to touch Echo I came up with a very clever plan that turned out to be another flop. I thought I would wear him down, then when he was subdued, I'd touch him with my latest invention which I aptly named 'the long arm of the law'.

There was a couple of flaws in my plan. I think the biggest flaw was that a 55 year old well fed out of shape woman who has an artificial ankle joint and a disease of the joints and muscles is not going to wear down a very healthy three year old wild mustang. I did make him sweat a bit though. Another flaw in my plan was the fact that he's not going to get touched when he has room to flee.

Here is 'the long arm of the law' trying to bribe Echo.

It's a 6 foot pole with a stuffed glove on the end of it. He snorted at it and refused the carrot.

When Brad came home I showed him my invention and demonstrated how Echo evades the law. Brad thought it was funny but was impressed how Echo does his circles now. He trots nicely and changes directions when instructed to. Then Echo showed off by putting his nose on the glove when I told him to 'step up'. Brad agreed that the only way we can get a halter on him is to squash him with the wing gate like we did before. Now Echo likes Brad he can play a more active role.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I'm so glad Foxsun is feeling better. He looks good in the garden. :)

Zaz here has got to be related to your boys. He seems to have a little of both of their personalities in him.

Unknown said...

How is he doing anyway? By the way, nice pictures...=]

Cheryl Ann said...

I'm so glad to hear that Foxsun is doing better! I made one of those, too, when our mustangs were little. didn't work. I found that carrots and patience worked better!