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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wildairo ties one on.

Echo won the big mustang fight on Sunday. Good job I had no money on it because I would have bet on Wildairo.

After the play fight, Echo chased Wildairo around and around, so I opened the gate and Wildairo zipped right out of there. Our corrals are 'cow sorting' corrals and they come in so handy for sorting out mustangs. The posts need to replaced and the gates fixed though.

I put him in a little pen because Brad was cleaning out his poop palace. Both horses pile the poop in a corner now. Wildairo was so polite in Echo's pen because when he needed to go he went over and used Echo's poo corner.


After the corral was clean, Wildairo had his first tying lesson. We used the Blocker tie ring device because the rope can slowly be pulled through if the horse panics. You can put the rope through the ring twice to make it so it is harder to pull through. Brad welded a ring to attach it to on to the top of a metal post. (Cell phone pictures).


He just stood there like he'd been tethered all his life. So to get him to move a bit we walked away and pretended to eat carrots out of the plastic bag. Wildairo just looked at us and never even tested the rope. He knew he was tied!


Then Brad picked up his front hoof and he reared. That blocker tie ring really works good because it gave Wildairo more rope and he was able to get back on the ground without feeling trapped and getting panicked. Wildairo was frightened and buried his face in Brads chest wanting to be comforted. Brad tried a few more picking up his hoof and Wildairo did the whole rearing and burying his head for comfort thing each time. He tries hard to overcome his fears and wants to please.

Monday the Stranger came. He was armed with all kinds of weapons. Wildairo snorted out "Stranger Danger" to warn everyone. It wasn't a big snort like Echo can pull off though. The Stranger took Foxsun in the barn and...... trimmed his feet. Wildairo peeked at the goings on and reported back to Echo. "The Stranger dragged gramps into the cave and is cutting off his hooves and the old fool is letting him"!

It was pouring with rain and was pretty noisy on the metal roof. Because the farrier was late because of another job and it was getting dark, plus it was pouring with rain and also Wildairo hates going in the building, we decided to trim Wildairo Thursday. We will be sedating him again. This time doing it before the farrier shows up. I will also be sedated. lol. I don't even want to think about it I'm so nervous.

I asked the farrier what he thought of Foxsun's condition and he agreed he was a few pounds too thin but he thought it could be due to his age. He was telling us about his dad's old horse who just died at age 28, he suddenly got old looking and acting and was retired for a few years before he died. He didn't think he was ill. Foxsun has lots to eat in the pasture he's in right now. I will continue to monitor him closely.

The BLM's latest online auction has some lovely horses up for grabs. I found one I really like.


Isn't he lovely. He's a yearling. He comes in my favorite color as well! I keep thinking we could keep him over in the horse pasture area until he's bigger. I expect Brad to talk some sense into me tonight when he comes in.


Kara said...

Ha Ha! I found one I really like in the online adoption too! I like
#8862 -

I'm excited to hear how Wildairo does with trimming! If your farrier is patient, I bet he'll be okay with some sedation and patience.

arlene said...

8862 was my favorite out of all them. He's magnificent! The reason I went with the yearling was because I've never had a horse that young and I was thinking it would be fun and different. If no one bids on him I'm going to find it hard not to bid at the last minute.

Linda said...

I'll have to go check out 8862. I hope it goes well on farrier day! Is he going to trim both Mustangs?

arlene said...

Echo wouldn't let anyone pick his feet up. All winter his feet looked really good. His hooves are incredibly thin and chip off a little bit at a time. They also wear down quick. When he first came here he was digging holes where his food was kept and keep the front ones wore down. They were even chipping off on the ice. I kept finding little bits of hoof along with his baby teeth on top of the ice. When he arrived here in August he had huge chunks of hoof missing. I think they must have broke off as they rounded him up to load him. I have a feeling he never had his hooves trimmed by the BLM. Very different hooves than Wildairo's.. Anyway all that said, his hooves are starting to splay out and he'll need a trim ASAP. That means I have to work with him more to get him ready.

The ground here is very hard and rocky, bedrock in places, so Foxsun only gets a trim once a year when he's with the cattle. At one time I thought I'd have to keep him shod just to go out there because the rock would make his feet sore, but he adapted.

When I rode I kept him shod all year and then pulled the shoes when the snow came.

I'm so nervous about the farrier coming. I'm afraid Wildairo will strike out and kick the farrier. He's never kicked anyone yet (he almost kicked William last Summer but missed) but I know he can fight when he feels he has to. I'd rather a horse with bad hooves than have my farrier injured.

Funny thing is I didn't have to explain much with the two vets I work with. They hear the word 'mustang' and know the deal. I was expecting a lecture about 'you have to learn to control your animal' or something.

My farrier was telling me that he worked for a long time with a another adopted mustang before the horse would trust him. So he understands as well.