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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bobby and Tommy Two Tone.

Most mornings Bobby and Tommy Two Tone like to play. Although it can get pretty rough T2T doesn't mind.

I took these pictures the other morning when Bobby didn't want to play. (Her leg is bandaged because for some reason there's a spot she licks raw and I want it to have a chance to heal).

A few kicks to the head didn't get Bobby in the mood to play.

Being a pest couldn't even get Bobby's attention.

So Tommy Two Tone gives up and goes in for a cuddle.




Once the paparazzi left them alone, they had a nice nap.


Unknown said...

Awe that's just precious...

Ylva said...

How sweet!

Did they grow up together or how come they are so bonded?

I always thought cats and dogs were always fighting :) glad to see that's not always the case.

arlene said...

Bobby is 8 and Tommy is 1. They like to play rough as well and it's fun to watch. They are careful not to hurt each other.