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Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy thoughts.

I really love Echo! I'm so lucky to have found a horse so perfect for me. I mean it was just plain luck. I was the only bidder on him in the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) wild horse internet adoption. I had no idea what kind of personality he had. At least when you adopt a horse from the corrals you can see the horses interact with each other.

He's been a bit of a challenge, but it's been so rewarding. It was his sweet disposition that kept me looking for different ways to tame him and not to give up. Yesterday, when Echo and I were walking slowly around the big corral like a couple of old friends, I was thinking about how amazed I was that I pulled this off.

I had low expectations and always thought I'd have to hand him over to a professional to get him halter broke. Now I'm starting to think that anything is possible.

I have been letting him into the big corral and leading him around it. At first I had to drag him by his head to get him moving. Swishing the lead rope at him was out of the question because he'd bolt. Then we progressed to me just having to jiggle the lead rope and make the clicking sounds. Now all I have to do is to start to walk and he is right with me. My buddy.

Yesterday I was able to lead him out of him corral down the alley and into the other corral. It wasn't easy but we did it. I had to drag him through the gate of his corral then he walked down the alley OK but he put his brakes on again going through the gateways.

I had to pull him slowly through step by step. It was a bit funny to say the least, but we did it. After wards he looked so pleased with himself and seemed to see me in different light. I guess he thought conquering the gateways made us a real team. I reached over and stroked his neck and he didn't mind at all.

Snow today. I hate it.


Linda said...

It snowed here, too--it's snowing now. What great progress you've made with Echo. I'm sure there's nothing you can't do with him.

Cheryl Ann said...

Well, it sure looks pretty!