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Monday, January 25, 2010

They make Muffin's life hell.

Blondie and Tommy Two Tone have formed a team called "Make Muffin's life hell".

The problem with Muffin is she's a runner. She runs. T2T cannot resist chasing her, neither can Blondie. Muff spends most of her time, when she's indoors, hiding under the sofa. Brad pulled her out and we shut her in the pantry with a bowl of food so she could eat in peace.

Poor Muffin here she is peeking out from behind the curtain of the pantry door and team "Make Muffin's life hell" is waiting for her.

The 'orrible duo beg me to let Muffin out so they can have a bit of sport with her.

I fooled them. I put Blondie in the pantry with Muffin. Blondie was like, "Oh look, is this a bug here"? Anything other than to look at Muffin. Muffin was just standing on a case of beer acting like she was cool with everything. Why o why does that silly cat run when she's out in the open?

It rained all night here. We have had a really mild winter. Much to Wildairo's delight, grass has continued to grow out in the sagebrush. The other day I was driving along the county road and spotted him. It's the first time I've seen him near the road. I think it's funny how he has all that pasture to explore and yet he keeps only keeps to about three acres at the most. I know when Echo finally gets turned out with him he'll become very brave. I called Wildairo from the jeep and he came over like it's a normal thing for a mustang to walk up to moving vehicles. He has a really long strong stride when he walks and I think on the trail he'd be a fast walker.

Last month Echo over came one of his fears. Brad took this photo with his cell phone of Echo inside eating his hay! (It was last month when the ice was melting and it was raining).

I couldn't believe it. Echo is scared of anything man made..fences, ropes, gateways, name a few. Brad had been putting his hay closer to the building and then inside of it. I dashed out to see if I could witness him inside. I put lots of hay inside and a bowl of grain and tried to lure him in with an apple. No luck.

I gave him the apple anyway and he showed his appreciation by making funny faces as he slurped his apple loudly.

Close up of his mouth

He sucks air in, slurps very loud and his face goes all stupid looking. I have never seen a horse do this before. He only does it with apples.

He's getting more used to us. When Brad feeds twice a day he has to go past Echo with Wildairo's hay on the fork and he stops and gives Echo a handful. As a result, Echo doesn't run away anymore when he see Brad coming with the hay. He's come along way.

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Poor Muffin. Too bad she can't figure out not to run. I have a cat like that too.

That is so great that Wildairo has so much room to roam and still comes when you call him.

About that apple slurping, my dad's horse does that with peppermint candies. I always wondered if they get a little high off of it like they do with windsucking.

Echo has adorable lips!