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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Echo is break dancing.

Shocked at Echo's muddy face, I tried to get a photo of the mess.

Well he didn't like the idea of a camera sneaking up besides him like that and he ran away. Lucky for me he has made a clear little path to his hiding place in the other corral.

Look at the state of him! Fat, fluffy and muddy.

How does he manage to get thick mud under his forelock? I concluded he must be break dancing.

He is easy to catch as long as you make kissing noises and pucker your lips.
Echo puckers his lips right up and plants a big muddy one right on your kisser.


He has a little patch of fur missing from his skin, just the fluff missing. I was wondering how he did it and thought he must have rolled on a rock. Later Brad was telling me how Echo had been racing around in excitement every morning and would race from one corral to the other and all Brad could see of him was hind feet and tail above the boards. Echo took the corner wrong and lost some fur on the gate post, lol. Brad has cut the richer alfalfa down and both horses seem a little calmer.

My tale of woe.

I haven't been getting out much because I've been out of sorts. Besides my regular incurable disease, I have developed a nasty allergy to something. My face..cheeks..eyes lids and lips have been swelling to gigantic proportions and looking like a hot air balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I was having a bit of a laugh with it till my throat started to swell shut. I was lazing around going from my death bed to my death lazy-boy and having a good old scratch..kind of like a flea bitten dog, when I realized I was covered in huge hives. Not so funny anymore. So I took a couple anti-histamine pills and they wouldn't go down my throat, they just stayed there. Really not funny now! I noticed fluids could get down so I swallowed some liquid benadryl. Then when I could swallow better, I took some steroids.

The next day I saw my GP who thought it was an allergic reaction to the new poison pills my auto-immune doc had given me. Good thing I'd already had the sense to stop taking them when it first happened... I thought. Problem is my face is still swelling without the anti-histamines and steroids. My over active immune system has declared war on something and I think it's me.

When at the docs, this woman spotted my giant red hives and started telling me about the three people she knew that died from allergic reactions. Scared the hell out of me. Then when we were in the parking lot, Brad told me about his friend's wife who died in the car while his friend was driving her to the hospital..bee sting allergy. I really need to find out what is giving me 'Big Face'. I took some photos of the mess that used to be my face, but they are to graphic to put on here. Don't want to scare children and horses. lol.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Arlene, I am so sorry. That must be just awful. Thinking of you.

cowgirljlynn said...

My husband had a reaction to his medicine one time and I took him to the er. They took him right away and gave him something because they were worried about his throat swelling shut, so be careful. I feel for you and your swollen face, I know how bad he looked almost like someone hit him with a baseball bat. Thinking of you.

Linda said...

My husband has an overactive immune system--he has to be put on heavy doses of steroids to knock it down sometimes. My mom had it happen once too, after her mom died--she swelled up like CRAZY!!! It put her in bed for over a month. Hope you get to feeling better.

arlene said...

Thanks Lea. Lucky you down at Burns.

cowgirljlynn, I looked at your blog and love your horse and Albert. I'm so impressed that you took up riding when you did. Sorry to hear about your husband, it's scary when it happens.

I have to take steroids. I was taking 20 mg then doc reduced it to 10. I tried to take even less but I can't. I think about 30 to 49 mg would do the trick but there's such awful side effects with it. Did your mother get better. I know stress really makes it worse.

Linda said...

Yeah, my mom did get better. I think she was on steroids as well. My husband's dose was large--I think 40, but I'll ask him to make sure. He did that for like a week or maybe two, then tapered off. His always seems to get better in the Spring/Summer and worse in Fall/Winter. I'm not sure why.

arlene said...

Linda, I used to get worse in the late summer and fall with the inflammation from sarcoidosis. People suspect that it's all the Vitamin D your body makes from the summer sunshine. I have been told the granulomas produced vit. D and it just gets too much and causes a mineral imbalance and all that.