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Monday, February 15, 2010


Two of the most dangerous jobs are farming and logging. Brad likes to combine the two now and again for an extra bit of excitement..

There are some dead trees or limbs around the place that needed to be cleared up. One tree in particular, a very dead white willow, looked really ugly. I told Brad for Valentines Day I didn't want flowers and stuff, but wanted that tree chopped down. He moaned and groaned at first but soon started enjoying himself when it got dangerous and I was pleading with him not to do it.
That's him up on the old 400. He's standing on the hay fork.

See the kitchen chair he used to shimmy up the hydraulics? lol.

Notice there's a power line going through the middle of the tree. He had to nip away at the tree to avoid pulling the cable down or the bigger limbs hitting the building.

Timber.....a little limb falling away.

We had to stop for awhile because of the heavy rain and so when he pushed the rest of the tree over with his faithful old 400, it was too dark to take photos.

The scariest time he played farmer/logger was when he took down two dead 100+ year cottonwoods. His grandfather planted them in the 1800's and they were huge. He did it all alone and it was very scary for me to watch. He just did the same thing, climbing around, although much higher, sawing off the troublesome limbs then pulled the rest down with a much bigger tractor. I remember the cables kept breaking.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That would scare me too! But husbands seem to have a different concept of fear than we do. I bet it's really nice to have that old tree gone! Are you going to do anything with the wood? It might be fun to use some big logs as part of a horsey obstacle course.

arlene said...

They love danger. We don't have plans for the wood. In my younger years I would have used the big logs for jumps. We were always looking for stuff to make jumps out of.