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Monday, February 22, 2010

Blondie is in the dog house..again.

Today I took little Blondie, a city dog from Oklahoma, out for a walk along our creek with Bobby to see how she liked walkies in the country. She loved sniffing around and tried her paw at tree climbing.

Bobby went across the creek to go exploring.

She got completely wet.

At first Blondie seemed to be behaving herself because she ran back to me when I called her.

Thinking back, I should have noticed the roguish gleam in her eyes.

And also the way she seemed to be getting more in tune with all things wild.

Right here, this is where she made her break for it!

She dived into the dry irrigation ditch and disappeared. I had no idea which way she went because the tall grasses each side of the ditch turn it into a tunnel. I kept walking back the jeep calling her and hoping she had sense enough to keep me in sight when she could.

Suddenly everything seemed ominous. All around there were danger signs for little dogs. This is coyote poop and it's nothing but fur and bones!

Here's a coyote trail going into the same ditch silly little Blondie is in.

With coyote fur caught on the barbed wire!

This fellow stopped running.

I think it's a deer skull with the nose part chewed off. At first I thought it was a monkey skull then I remembered we don't have monkeys in these here parts. (Step away from the crack pipe). Blondie. Bobby and I thought we could hear her sometimes in the dried grass below. I called her till I was hoarse. We sat by the jeep and waited. (Bobby said she always thought Blondie was a bitch). After what seemed like a long time I saw her come up for a look around far off in the distance. I yelled my head off and she started to run back across the field to us. She went back into the ditch a few times..there's something about that ditch she loves. In her own sweet time she returned and finally jumped in the jeep. I told her I was never taking her near that ditch again....unless it has water in it. She hates to get her paws even a bit damp, lol.

When I got back to the corrals I gave Echo a really good working over with no dogs allowed. All my singing and dancing around him has paid off, there is nothing I can do to make him jump...unless I touch his hip. So far I've only got as far as his hips with my hands then he squirms away. I'm going to put him in the little tiny pen for his long awaited desensitizing. Not behind the squeeze gate, those days are over, he's a big boy now. There's too much room in the other corrals and he can get away from me if he wants to. Wildairo only stuck around till I ran out of apples, then he shouted out to Echo, "See ya, I wouldn't want to be ya" and disappeared back into the sagebrush.


Nicky said...

Omg i laughed till i cried. I got scared and then i was relived when you found her! I miss her so much! Naughty Blondie!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I was sure worried you'd say she never came back. Glad she did! Silly Blondie.

Other than the great escape, it looks like wonderful day for a walk.

Linda said...

Your stories are so funny! I love the coyote fur on the barbed wire--OMINOUS!! Good for Echo--he's come a long way.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Naughty dog. That is something Skeeter would do. As far as the adoption process with Sage. I waited until the competive part was done. I had been looking with binoculars and a long lense camera and looking at the pictures on a laptop. Then I just kept looking and looking. I have not seen her up close and personel, her temperment is unknown but I am trusting she is kind. Her eyes look that. I found her number by camera. I can't wait until she is home.