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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Signs of Spring.

The Golden Current and Honeysuckle are leafing out!

Echo now comes up to the gate to greet visitors! A friend of Brad's was feeding him carrots through the gate. Echo has no fear of strangers!! Brad joked Echo was too scared to turn his back on him. Echo gave me some kisses through the gate and didn't mind when the metal part of his halter hit it and made a noise. He's come a long way.

I have been working with his leading. He does great till we get to the gateway. I've tried approaching it with him as fast I can walk and slowly. The part that makes me mad is I've led him through the gate before and so has Brad. He's rather stubborn and needs a firm hand. This is what I had to deal with today.

If Brad enters the corral behind him he flies through that gate mighty fast. I was working alone today and we worked on 'who's your boss'. We were pretty much fighting for the boss job. I think I won...barely. Since Echo is not so terrified of me anymore, I'm a little more forceful with him and he with me, lol. I was trying to reach for his bad side and he took my hand in his mouth, between his teeth. He didn't bite but I instantly smacked him across the nose with my other hand. He took it calmly because he knew he was naughty and in the wrong.

I think he's passive aggressive. He pretends he wants kisses but he's really holding me off with his nose. We are making progress and he's a really nice horse. He trusts me more now and has a different attitude about people. I really like him. We had an audience.

This is what they were looking at.

Wildairo comes in every now and again when I'm with Echo and he gets apples. It's rather odd, Brad will feed him and he'll take a nibble then go back out into the sagebrush. He would much rather forage out there, even this time of year. The hay is really good so that's not the problem. He does eat all his hay, but just a bit at a time. I think it's the wild horse in him.


Linda said...

Wow. I've been walking around looking for blooms--I've only seen small buds and some grass. That's exciting though. Do you have an earlier season than we do?

arlene said...

It's very cold by our house because of the cold air coming down from the bluff. The pictures were taken on our place but about 1/4 mile away from the bluff. Much better growing conditions there. It's a tiny bit warmer down here in Odessa but a lot drier.