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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nice smells.

I think woke up to Spring today because it was such a lovely morning. We have had such a mild winter for once. I think the East coast and England got our snow. So nice not to trudge through deep snow, I wish every Winter was like this.

Outside my Spring bulbs are about an inch above the ground but indoors things are really blooming.

They smell lovely. Speaking of lovely smells.

I took these pictures yesterday of Wildairo. He was out and about the pasture. I called him.

He has such a lovely stride.



His whole head smelling like sagebrush and it was lovely. He's been grazing out in the sagebrush eating the new grass. He looks pretty good. He managed to graze all Winter and I love to see horses living as natural as possible, but I know it's impossible for most horses. Of coarse he gets hay twice a day, grain (when it's very cold), apples and muffin treats. I'm looking forward to seeing the two Mustangs out together. I have to feel very confident they want to be with us and not see us as a threat before I turn them out together. Echo will have to be out on his own for awhile first so I can be sure he can be approached out in the open. They both need some heavy desensitizing first. I find the best way to get horse in on a big pasture is to call them in often and then give them treats or grain. They never know if they are going to get dinner or a job. I started to write about our dear old friend here, but I couldn't do it, it's still too hard to think about him not being here anymore. I miss him so much.

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Linda said...

Those Mustangs hit the jackpot with you. What a life and you are in the perfect position to give it to them with all your land!! Looking forward to seeing Echo out there someday!