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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bath time for duckies.

When I'm not out annoying the cattle and horses I always seem to manage to find other pets to bother indoors.

Bath time for my darling ducks.

Tips for bathing baby ducks; make sure the water is not cold. No matter how much fun they are having don't let them stay in the bath too long because they get water logged after awhile.

Dry them off a bit with paper towels and then let them finish the job.


Keep them somewhere warm till they start to grow feathers and they'll love you for it.

My ducks are mallards and later this year they will be flying. I love ducks and and bought my first ducks almost 30 years. These two are the sweetest I've ever known and have really bonded with me. When I let them on my desk they will both run up one of my arms then go peep peep peep for each other. They meet up at the back of my neck tangled in my hair, lol.

I gave them a little bowl of water to play in and they had a jolly time taking turns leaping out of the water and right onto my keyboard. That game was soon brought to an stop and a safer game was found for the little darlings.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

They are adorable! I really want to get runner ducks, but just haven't been able to take the leap. I don't have an easy way to keep their water thawed in winter.

Linda said...

Will your ducks fly away? I used to have two pet ducks--Paddles and Pezzoo--the white kind. They lived in our little backyard--talk about a feather mess, but I LOVED them. Your post brought back good memories.

arlene said...

In the winter I just give them drinking water every day. They, don't generally fly away but love to go for a fly about once or twice a day.