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Monday, May 24, 2010

William is home.

William arrived in Spokane from England, tired and much thinner.

Tommy Two Tone was scared at first because William was pulling his luggage on wheels, but soon as he realized it was William he was so happy and kept jumping on the back of chairs to get as close to his face as possible. Bobby was happy as well but Montie is old and deaf and I'm not sure she noticed he was even gone. Echo no longer snorts at him.

The next morning William was doing something he hadn't done for awhile; shooting guns.

Don't believe the Republicans when they tell you liberals are going to take away your guns. Liberals have guns, big ones and little ones.

William and I are both vegetarians so we only shoot vegetation.

Our Airedale's love any kind of loud explosion but little Blondie doesn't. She seems to be getting used to it though.

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