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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Windy weather.

Yesterday it was so windy. I had a fight with a big metal barrel that kept trying to roll over my flower beds and crush the few little plants I have. Brad came to the rescue and tied it to power pole with baling twine. Where would we be without baling twine?

It has been windy for days and I need to spray weeds. I let the weeds go unchecked last year because Foxsun was allowed to go where he pleased after he received a poor prognoses on his health. One of the places he liked to go was an area that I planted native plants in that I call my wild area. I planted lots of Golden Current, Choke Cherry and Serviceberry. I also planted a couple of Spruce trees, Elderberries and Maples. It should be a nice spot when it all grows in. Little yellow flags mark the little trees and shrubs and Foxsun didn't crush any of the plants.

These pictures I took this morning.

You can see the deer help me by doing a little pruning now and again. The white electric fence is to keep our cattle out.

The day before the wind storm I was playing with Echo and I noticed he had what's commonly know as an 'eye booger' and I went to wipe it away only to discover it was something else. It must have been very uncomfortable for him because he let me remove it without a struggle. I had to use one hand to hold his eye lids open and the other to remove the object which turned out to be five inch long hair or piece of grass. He was very glad to have that out. Last year he held still so I could put my fingers under his tongue and remove the seeds packed in there causing his mouth to bleed. He knows when he needs help.

Echo is really bonding now and is a very affectionate boy. Last week I made a pathetic attempt at getting him more comfortable with ropes by throwing the lead rope over his back. He leapt into the air and became airborne in a successful effort to dislodge the rope snake. Now when he's scared, instead of running away from me, he comes to me for safety.

Max hangs around the corrals then walks home with us to have his dinner and spend the night indoors.

It wasn't too long ago that Echo would run to the far end of the corrals when he was being fed hay, snorting loudly. He was so scared of people. The sound of metal gates banging would make him shake in fear. Now I can open gates to lead him through and the other night while taking him a midnight apple snack, I was belting out a few choruses of the Apple Sauce song and he put his head over the gate and gave my face a big sloppy lick.

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