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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flower arranging, pigs and a dog.

I often take pictures of thing's that catch my fancy and then forget all about them. Here are some of those pictures before they are forgotten forever.

The other sunny Sunday morning I was cooking breakfast with the usual herd of pets around my feet and I looked down and saw something funny. Little Blondie had got out of her cat bed still wearing the blanket she sleeps under. At first it was perfectly aligned but by the time I got my camera the other pets had mobbed her knocking it askew.

Tommy Two Tone likes it.

Montie marvels at it as Bobby looks on waiting her turn to inspect things.

That same Sunday Brad and I took a drive to a friends farm and I saw something I wanted. They were moving all these pigs and putting them in crates. I saw this little runt with his head all cocked off to the side and really had to have him.

Well, it turns out Brad is very anti pig. He went on and on about how they don't stay cute for long and my argument about Echo needing a pig pal seemed pretty weak and so I gave up my new dream of having a pig pet.

To completely change the subject; I'm really not into flower arranging but I think I hit on something clever. I was looking for a place to put these daffodils and couldn't find the right vase. Then I found this old milk bottle and it was perfect.

Why do I have a milk bottle from the Wilden Village Dairy in Bedfordshire England? I just hope the milkman isn't looking for it.

Still on the subject of flower arranging; I was pruning a crab apple of some cross branching and stuffed the little branches in a vase and then the buds opened and it looked kind of nice.

And to think I usually just throw the trimmings away.

The crab apple above is a Red Jade. My original tree died of fire blight but left behind some seedlings around it's base. I pulled one up and planted it. It's grown quiet nice but is not a weeping tree like it's parent.


Linda said...

You have more talent arranging than you give yourself credit for. ;) Yeah, he may have been right about the pig--they do grow up.

nikki said...

Ha! Blondie's like me in the mornings. If it's cold I wrap myself up in a fuzzy lap blanket and run around the house until the coffee or hot coco warms me up :)

Love the pigs!! I wouldn't mind having some pigs and cows too. Not to eat though! I'm to much of a softie. Aren't pigs supposed to be really smart?

Great photos!

arlene said...

I heard that pigs are smart. I think they are so cute when they a little.