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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a lovely day.

There was a lovely April shower this morning and all the birds were singing.

Later I helped Brad pick up some wheel lines. I drove while he loaded them.

Here he is securing the load.


I explored in the creek bed while I was waiting for Brad to get done. I'm so glad I got my ankle totally replaced so I'm able to walk like this again. I saw many doctors who told me ankle replacements don't work and the way to go was a total fusion. In other words welding my foot to my leg which would have crippled me for the rest of my life. Notice my sturdy boots.

After we were finished with the pipes I had a lovely visit with Echo. Usually when Echo and I eat apples, I sing the apple sauce song, it's just the words 'apple sauce apple sauce' sang to the tune of Lollipop. He loves it so much when I started singing it he walked with me, shoulder to shoulder, through the gateway's up and down the alley and around the corrals. I didn't have a hand on him, no ropes. It was wonderful. I hope he does it again. I said, "Come on apple sauce boy" and off we went.

He's grown more attached to me since he discovered he likes me to get his itchy spots and also the heifers are not in the next corral for him to visit with.

I took the following pictures as the sunset.

The leafless tree in the middle is an English Oak which hasn't leafed out yet for spring. Knowing it was a slow grower, I bought two bare root crab-apples from a grocery store because I just wanted something to grow quickly near the little oak till he got big enough to be a stand alone tree. Well, these crab apples were supposed to be plain ordinary white blossomed trees but they were mislabelled and so they are magnificent but unidentified specimens. Their scent fills the air.



The air is perfumed and filled with bird song. Nature is wonderful!



Unknown said...

I've been gone so long it's been fun reading about your progress with Echo. It seems to me you are taking your time and that's really working for him to gain the trust he needs.

I never even heard of ankle replacements. Amazing.

Lovely photos, by the way!!

Kara said...

Beautiful pictures, Arlene! Spring is such a lovely time of year!

Linda said...

Beautiful trees!! Your place looks wonderful!