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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wildairo builds his herd.

I've been putting off turning any more cattle out with Wildairo. Dandylyons doesn't run because she's too old but the younger cows love to run so I was worried he would chase them and their little calves.

We round up Sparkle, Mini Cow and her calf with our cow chasing sticks.

You can see my stick in the bottom of the picture. I was herding and snapping away at the same time. Mini Cow bolted back to the feeder wanting her dinner not herding. I yelled at Sparkle and got her to go through the gate, where Wildairo was waiting to do a meet and greet. Unlike Echo he's never has been bothered by gateways and was trying to get in the corral. I was yelling at him to keep out so he wouldn't mess things up.

Soon as Sparkle was through the gate she did a huge leap and buck, followed by very athletic double barrel kick and almost turned Wildairo into the headless horse. He was like, "All right, take it easy there little Missy". It's been many years since I've seen Dandylyons pull that move off.

Wildairo showed Mini his snake face and she knew what that was all about. Cows that hadn't been raised with a horse probably would have run off right about now.

Someone's missing.

Dandylyons is taking a break from him and sleeping out in the deep sagebrush where he's too scared to go.

He's looking in the direction of where his comfort cow is.

Wildairo has no intention of chasing the girls or young Mini Me. He was raised as a wild horses and wild horses respect the women folk and their little 'uns. He fondly remembers the 'band dads' and he had always wanted to be one himself.

Wildairo finally gets his herd and is very proud.

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Linda said...

He seems pretty happy with his cow-herd!