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Monday, April 19, 2010

More cows for Wildairo.

Wildairo was so good with the cows we put out with him on Saturday that we decided to put even more cows with him. Here I am moving the cows with my trusty cow chasing stick.

Everything was going along really well until Wildairo ran into the area we were moving the cows out of.

Brad shouted out to me to chase him back out, completely forgetting I had only a cow chasing stick and not a horse chasing stick.

Wildairo slinks past me because he knows he's not supposed to be there.

Wildairo explores.

These two little calves remained behind to watch Wildairo.

I discover Wildairo no longer comes when called so Brad tries the old trick of luring him in with a hand full of hay. The fat Wildairo laughed at his dried offering.

Wildairo gives in and takes a little nibble. It reminds me of Mr Creosote in the Monty Python movie, 'The Meaning of Life'.

But Wildairo still refuses to be bribed into following. We left him alone and after about 10 minutes he realizes he's on his own and cantered back to where he should be.

Wildairo went looking for Dandylyons in the herd but couldn't find her. I was pleased that he worked his way through them without getting them spooked. He called and called for her in his pitifully high pitched voice. Brad and I could see her out in the sagebrush. While looking for their mothers the two naughty calves had found her and decided because she was the only bovine they could find they'd better stick close to her. We got a rope to lead Dandylyons to Wildairo so the big lad would stop fretting. Wildairo watched us go out there and then he spotted her and the two calves. We arched his neck and trotted to where they were. When he approached them he started making these low grunty sounds. Wildairo put himself between Dandylyons and the calves which struck terror in their hearts and they ran of to search for their real mothers.

What is it about Dandylyons that makes horses love her so?


Linda said...

Gosh, he is fat! So, is he wearing off his hooves naturally now? He sure looks good.

arlene said...

He wears his hooves down naturally but they are in need of a trim right now. He doesn't venture far to wear them down enough but since the cattle are turned out with him he seems to be getting more exercise.