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Monday, September 27, 2010

Echo has a new home.

Echo has moved into his new digs. I want him to get used to it and feel at home before I put both horses in there.

I thought about putting Dandylyons in with him, and maybe I will, but she poops all over including inside the barn. Cows are not as tidy as horses and I want Echo to establish his bathroom area and not pick up her filthy ways. I was nervous about leading Echo there so I put two lead ropes on him, one for me and one for Brad in case Echo tried to bolt away from me. As it turned out I had trouble getting over the rocks in the tall grass and Echo and Brad had to lead me.

Echo loves to go walkies and is always eager to leave the corrals. He went through the gates and across our farm road like a champ. When we got in view of the road he stopped and watched some cars go by. It was all new to him and he took it all in with great interest. I like the way he looks at new things and then calmly moves on. He doesn't get worked up into a tizzy like some horses I've known.

He loves his new home and he seems like a different horse there. It's like he knows it was a happy home for many years for Foxsun and Dandylyons.

Here's the happy couple in 1992.

Echo explored the pens that evening.

The county road runs between the big barn and the little barn. He was fascinated by the cars that went racing by.


He refuses to go inside though and so for now I'm putting his hay in his tub near the door.

I left a night light and the radio on for him but he was so relaxed I don't think he needed it. I'm really surprised what an incredibly calm horse he is now he's gotten over most of his fear of humans.

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CHHorsemanship said...

I have to say the title of this post scared me a bit. I was going to be quite sad if you have given/ sold Echo.

Glad to see he's just in a new pen.