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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Big Escape.

Last week we brought the cattle in to wean the calves.

Wildairo made a nuisance of himself because he thinks if anyone is going to do any cattle sorting it's going to be him.

He was banging on the gate and shouting out orders.

The calves were bought by our neighbor and we kept just one, Tinker-Bell. I got out my brushes and gave Dandylyons a good grooming.

Dandylyons was pleased to see our neighbor and I was pleased that he has, after almost 20 years, stopped telling us to sell her. He's a serious cattle rancher and doesn't understand the pet cow concept.

Dandylyons's back was thick with dirt because she likes to kick dirt over her back to intimidate the other cows.

That night Wildairo did some cow sorting and in the dark I could hear the sound of his hooves galloping and his angry shouts. Brad went out with the spotlight and said Wildairo was keeping them in a tight bunch and not letting them go out very far. He's a bad tempered control freak. They settled down once Wildairo found Dandylyons and held the poor old girl hostage.

The next day Brad had to leave for a last minute meeting out of town. I was having one of my bad days..well I don't seem to have good days health wise any more. I decided to do something I rarely do during the day, take to my bed. I was going up the stairs when I saw a sight that almost made me faint...COWS EVERYWHERE THEY SHOULDN'T BE. There had been a massive break out.

I called Brad and all I could manage to say was, "Cows out...come home". He was three hours away and in the middle of a meeting. He said he'd start for home right away but in the mean time it was all up to me. It suddenly occurred to me not only were the cows desperately looking for their lost calves but Wildairo was with them! OMG!

I went over to the pasture and found the gate by the trough off it's hinges and lying on it's side. I had a quick look around at the hoof prints going over the gate and they all looked like cattle prints to me. So hoping Wildairo was still in the pasture somewhere, I lifted the heavy metal gate and tied it back up with baling twine.

Some of the cows had wandered down the draw to eat, some were cleaning up some hay bales near the equipment and four were walking down the road towards the county road like cows on a mission and mooing intently.

After securing the gate they knocked down, I chased the ones around the tractors in through another gate. The four cows heading towards the road were still in search of their calves and so I yelled as loud as I could, "Come Boss Come Boss". They stopped, turned around and started trotting towards me still mooing. They know when they get called they are about to get something's Levin a few weeks ago helping me weed my garden.

And so they thought I was going to take them to their calves and followed me into a corral. They gathered around me with faces full of eager anticipation and I felt so horrible. I think pretty quick on my feet sometimes and so I told them their calves were in their belly's. They seemed happy with that.

The cows down the draw were as happy as clams in the alfalfa and all I did was hook up some wire and they thought they were behind electric fence. All was secured till Brad came home.

Silly Wildairo was so busy keeping Dandylyons to himself and away from the other cows he missed his big chance to escape!

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Sounds like the had quite an adventure at your expense! Glad you got everyone back home safely.