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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Horror Continues.

Sunday another horrible thing happened....and this one was really out of the blue. Last night I was going to catch up and write about it but I didn't because I had taken two of my meds that I usually don't take at the same time and got pretty sick.

About 1 am, after crawling back from deaths door, I thought I'd take little Blondie outside for a walk to get some fresh air before turning in for the night. At the door I noticed the motion detector light was on outside. This is no biggie because bats and moths can set it off, but I always peak outside anyway. I saw the culprits, a herd of deer in the drive way and there were some little ones with them. I waited for them to walk away a bit and saw a big doe walk up to the duck run to look at the ducks. lol, it must be like a visit to the zoo for them.

After they disappeared into the dark I opened the door to let Blondie out with the intention of taking her around to the other side of the house so as not to spook the deer. Well the little bugger must have seen them through the French doors and she took off like a barking rocket in their general direction. All hell broke loose. The others must have bolted in the direction they were going but the big doe ran my way doing that hopping thing they do that's really cute. Blondie went to chase her. Suddenly the doe stopped, spun around and attacked Blondie who started yelping immediately! All the time I was trying to get to Blondie and shouting her name.

The doe was trying to stomp Blondie under her hooves and Blondie was yelping in a blood curdling way like dogs do when they think they are getting murdered. Blondie managed to get away and run around the wheel barrow and under the garden bench and the deer was still trying to get her! I'm almost on top of the deer and still shouting when she decides to back off. She goes between my Jeep and the hedge and stands in the shadow of the cherry tree making these odd vocal sounds. I couldn't see her but could hear her in the dark just the other side of the new flower bed with the waterfall rock.

I wasn't sure if she was going to attack again and there I stood in the middle of the driveway, under the yard light. I went in to the 'bring it on' fighting position and waited for her to attack me but I heard her climbing up the bluff, probably really intimated, lol. I've never seen anything like it! Blondie had got between her and her fawn and she wasn't taking it.

I found Blondie hiding the other side of the rock wall...totally unharmed. The next morning I showed Brad the deep gouges the doe made in the hard ground at the end off the drive way, he was amazed at how ferocious the attack was.

The next episode will be about the horror that came out of the blue last Sunday and terrorized all the cattle and horses.

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