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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Echo does well.

Second day of saddle pad training and Echo does very well. He eagerly came in for the training session and gave a disappointed snort when he saw the saddle pad and realized it wasn't going to be a carrot eating training session.

He let me put the pad on his back and was okay with me banging on it and taking it off and on. We ran into a spot of bother when I took it off him and opened it up under his nose.....he ran off. But he came back and let me put it on him again. Because he wasn't wearing a halter, I had to tell him to "step up" to get him to move with it on. He did a little frightened trot but calmed right down and came to me.

Here he is being a good little lad.

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Linda said...

Good for Echo. He doesn't look too bothered with it.