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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teddy goes to the vets.

Here's Teddy with her big sister, Bobby, learning to guard the chickens/ducks from hawks and coyotes.

The chickens love to scratch everything up but keep the snakes away, so they earn they keep.

Teddy gets along with all the other pets. Here she is playing tug with Bobby and Squeaky pig.

When she was out doing some digging with Blondie she got a cheat grass seed in her ear. When cheat grass gets into a dog's ear the only way you can get it out is with a otoscope and forceps. The mobile clinic comes to town on Tuesdays and I was going to go there but then Brad said he was going to Moses Lake to get some seed and asked me to go with him. I thought we could pop into the vets there to have the seed taken out, but the vet was in surgery. I was told she wouldn't be finished for three hours! So we went to another vet clinic that I'd never been to before. Here's poor Teddy looking worried at the vets.

The receptionist, at the 'other' vets, went in the back to talk to the vet and came back and told me that I'd have to leave Teddy there and she'd be given a light anesthesia. I didn't want to leave Teddy and I didn't like the fact they'd decided to give her anesthesia without even looking at her. So we left. When we got home, Brad went to do his seeding and I drove Teddy to see our regular vet in Ritzville. Regular vet can get cheat grass seed out of dogs ears without always doping them up. I put her in an old fashioned snout lock and the vet removed the seed quick as a jiffy. The vet told me that he thought Teddy was a very nice dog and seemed well impressed with her. Teddy then got more of her vaccines and her first rabies vaccine so she'll never end up like Old Yeller.

Teddy is looking cheeky because she just jumped onto a chair and finished off my cup of tea.

When I point my finger at her and tell her she's a bad dog, she barks at me.

Coyote Pup update.

That coyote pup must have been getting accustomed to the sight and sound of us for a long time and is very fearless. He spends his days in the meadow eating mice or hanging out in the shade under the farm equipment. He's doing a great job eating the mice and gophers, but comes too close to the house. I took Bobby out to chase him away a few times. (once I actually waited for him to enjoy his mouse before unleashing her). Bobby goes after him like a laser beam letting out her yippy war cry....but she's old and has arthritis, so as far as the coyote pup is concerned, it's like being chased by his great great grandmother.

The other day the pup was trotting along ahead of William and he came across the feral black tom cat that has been hanging about here for ages. The pup jumped on the cat and they had a big fight. William says there was lots of screaming and he's not sure who was doing it. I think it was the claws are sharp. The cat ran passed William and both were okay. The tom cat is back to his usual tricks of peeing everywhere and waiting for out cats to appear so he can fight with them. The pup continues to hunt closer to the house. This is very troubling. I hope the pup has learned to avoid cats and stick with rodents..but...I'm worried about the birds and the cats. Normally we have no trouble from coyotes because there is so many rodents and other things for them to eat that they don't want to risk fighting with a cat or sneaking close for a chicken or duck. Our cats go all over the place. Two of them are very old and arthritic. Here's Maxwell.

Max walks with a limp and sleeps most of the time, but he enjoys catching a mouse or two a day....out in the meadow.....where the coyote is. I'm keeping the cats in until we can think of a solution. William has suggested The Final Solution.

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Linda said...

I love all animals...but I'm with William. Our neighbors feed the coyotes steak...believe it or not...and now we have fearless coyotes around here. They enter our barn midday and kill our cats...or used to...our Irish Wolfhound seems to be a good weapon against them.