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Friday, September 30, 2011

First frost & Teddy's first job.

This week we had our first frost. It got down to 30 degrees F. That same morning we also woke to cows on the lawn.

Dandylyons was one of three cows who dropped in for a visit. It was a perfect opportunity for Teddy to start her herd dog training. Brad took Teddy with him to get them in while I tried to keep out of sight so as not to distract her. I was so impressed with her natural abilities as she kept close to Brad and watched him for directions. She walked quietly right behind the cows as Brad moved them along. It's too bad our really tame cows totally ignored her and she didn't get to actually get them to move away from her. Our Airedales had to be kept away from any cattle herding because they would run around barking with sheer exuberance while creating havoc.

Later on the rest of the herd showed up. They had all been on an unauthorized adventure on the bluff and it's the reason Wildairo has not been let out with them. He's still in the corrals and I'm trying to get him domesticated again.

Teddy is a super little dog and I'd wished I'd taken some pictures of her working the cattle. She is just a pup still and gets easily distracted by things such as our cat Muffin who was trying her hand at cow herding as well and needed to be chased.......and then there's the cow poo.......Teddy has never seen a cow pie that wasn't worth investigating.

I took these first four pictures with my new phone. As you can see the light frost didn't do much damage. I started Four 0'Clocks (Miribilis Jalapa) seeds indoors and grew dozens of plants. I planted them out pretty much everywhere. I didn't know what Four 0'Clocks were and I have been really pleased with them. Some of them grew more than 3 feet tall!

Rock garden with Strawberries and Cream Ribbon Grass, Peace Rose, Petunias, Sweet Alyssum, Chrysanthemums and violas. The water is not turned on because of the ducks playing there all the time and making a mess.

More four 0'clocks. They are very interesting because more than one flower color can grow on one plant and they also close up in the heat of the day. They have a nice light fragrance as well.

Brad drilled holes in basalt rocks and I put some potting soil in the holes and sprinkled in viola seeds. It's so pretty.



Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I love your garden.

That's so great that Teddy is going to get to be a real cow dog. I still feel like I robbed a dog of a good profession and a rancher of a good dog when I brought Huck home as a pet. His instincts are so amazing. But it isn't keeping me from getting another! It's killing me waiting until the pups are ready, I can't wait to bring Huckleberry's sister home. 4-5 more weeks. :)

arlene said...

I think Teddy would be just as happy going shopping..or sniffing out cow I think Huck is as happy as a dog can be going down the trail with you and his horse buddies. I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of Huckleberry's sis and hearing all about her.