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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arlene's Garden Tour 2012.

It's time once again to stop and smell the roses.

Hearing that, Teddy being an obedient dog, had a good sniff of the roses....

and then off we went with my camera.  Henrietta, with her one good eye, wanted to tag along.

Right away it turned into an adventure.  I was going to take some pictures of my native plant 'wild' area first.  Soon as we got in the thick of it we heard some crashing about in the shrubbery.  Bobby would have been right on it, but Teddy just looked at me waiting for instructions.   This overfed leaping deer dashed away and once she was a safe distance, she turned and eyeballed us.  I told Teddy to, "Go get 'em".

Once the deer heard me yelling she high tailed it.  Teddy kind of went after her.  Teddy is so used to the deer she doesn't see a problem with them and she's not really a chaser.

For some reason the blue elderberry I planted up here has been dying off.  It was really making this seat nice and shady....till it died back.  I planted some 4 o'clocks here.  They only open up in the late afternoon and so they were closed in this shot.  

Teddy comes back down the hill.

She gets really winded.  We started noticing early this spring that she gets very tired quickly.  Early in the year when Brad and William were fixing fence, instead of chasing the bunnies, Teddy just sat and panted.  I'm not sure if it's to do with the fact she has asthma or what.  Later today there was a big break out with the cattle and Teddy was called for duty.  She fell off the motorcycle and so she had to run behind.  When they brought her home she had a asthma attack and I quickly gave her 20mg of steroids.  Up until then she was doing so well she was down to 5mg.  I have noticed the steroids work really fast for her....thank goodness.  We are going to get another herding dog (same breed) and just give Teddy light work....although what she does is pretty light as it is.  Maybe she'll just stick to shopping, garden walkies and cuddles.

My plan for this area is for it to get really over grown and shady, then I'll make a woodsy path through it.  I planted some ground cover and you can see it's already so shady moss is growing.

The main plantings are native but as you can see, I'm planting other things, like this golden privet to liven things up.

The woodsy paths are emerging.  This was just dried up grasses and sage brush four years ago.

Stay tuned for part two of 'Arlene's Garden Tour 2012'.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Beautiful garden! I'm sorry Teddy has asthma. But I'm really glad she's feeling better than she was. I can't wait to see your new herding dog when you find one.

arlene said...

I'd love to get a sister pup of your two boys. Won't be till the Spring though. I'll get in touch with you later about it. :)