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Friday, March 8, 2013

The calves are being born and all is well.

So far seven calves have been born.  The first one was born three weeks ago to Stella Longhorns.  William has taken over my job as midwife and is doing a very good.  He is even making friends with them like I used to do.  Our cows are very friendly to us and it makes their calves friendly well.

As if to prove the point, William puts his hat on this little darling.
 photo bbe3066d-6985-4e93-ad95-f8cc8ef7fa8a_zpsc73c6ac7.jpg

My surgeon wanted me to walk 2 miles a day, 6 days a week.  I don't think he was taking into account my total ankle replacement and my other joint issues.  I'm disappointed to find out that my sarcoidosis flares up like nobodies business when I exercise.   Before I went down hill, I loved to exercise   There was a time that on a daily bases I'd run two miles, ride my bike 10 miles and then get in a ride on my and daylight permitting.  I'd feel horrid if I didn't get some form of exercise very day.  I found running would make be relax and I'd do my best thinking when I was trotting along.  Note that I didn't run far though.

Brad would worry when I'd go on my long walks around the farm because sometimes it would be dark when I got home.  He'd complain that he had no idea where I'd wandered off to and didn't know where to find me.  I think it had something to do with him wanting his dinner though.  Not being able to get about as good makes me feel pretty horrible.  I decided to walk through the pain and just go.  I did manage two miles, some of it along our creek.  There were lots of ducks and geese.  Teddy was so happy to be going walkies with me.  That night I couldn't put any weight on my artificial ankle and it still hurts.  I hope I haven't damaged it.

These pictures I took on a shorter walk.  Here's the birthday girl.  Dandylyons has turned 22.
 photo 9bd0df2b-6f90-4e35-bab2-a46ba186f865_zps737afa83.jpg

She hadn't seen me for a long time and was pretty keen for a visit.
 photo 9a06fca1-5e7f-4e80-892e-760a9419930b_zpsdc0514d7.jpg

There's no information or help on looking after the elderly cow.  No special senior meals or dental care.  I worry about her, although she seems to be hanging in there.
 photo 0b68c944-e111-4d6d-b82d-335667d9095f_zps39379189.jpg

As you can see, Echo uses some of the edges of the pasture as his poopy place.   He is a tidy boy and tries not to poop where he eats.  On the the hand, Dandylyons doesn't care where she goes.
 photo df2abfe3-ae8d-4893-9cae-dc371f604c34_zpsd759352a.jpg

Teddy and I said hello to Echo.  He was also pleased to see me and wanted to cuddle.  Here he is looking at Teddy, whom he plays with everyday.  I don't trust Wildairo around the dogs.  He 'plays' very rough.
 photo 6ec1a9da-1d4f-48f8-b0c6-205d3c4e6e2d_zps8ded5b61.jpg  

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