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Monday, March 11, 2013

Trying to get back into the swing of things.

I was always in the thick of all farm adventures, now I just wait, all useless, for Brad to come home and put my shoes and socks on.  I'm not supposed to bend over and for the life of me I can't figure out to get my shoes and socks on without bending.  I'm dreading it when my toe nails need trimming.  The last time Brad trimmed my toe nails (I was pregnant) and he must have missed the "nails" part when I asked him, "Can you please trim my toe nails".  OUCH!

I missed the excitement when the other day one of the heifers had a calf stuck and Brad and William pulled it out.  The heifer was very calm and held still for it.  Both new mother and Big Headed Bull Calf are doing fine.

Today I went on a quad bike (ATV) ride with Teddy riding behind me.  We went cross country to where Brad and William are putting up center pivot irrigation systems on our flat.  Teddy leans into me and I really think she's starting to enjoy it.

Here is where they are putting the circles together.  It's going too slow and in order to be ready for the irrigation season, I think they are going to hire a crew.
 photo 546bb03d-9036-4c93-a757-c850492058cf_zpsdddc0149.jpg

Here's our 10 tower Zimmatic circle that has a stand of timothy under it.  I used to run, maintain and trouble shoot this circle when I was pregnant with William.  Climbing those towers to get to the control boxes is hard work for someone with short legs....not to mention pregnant!
 photo c88d4211-16de-4574-9884-fdf2016123c9_zps18024cb1.jpg

I took this picture out of my office window.  After the county sheriff was finished at the crash (see below) a deputy came to talk to William and Brad about some trespassers on our property just outside of town.  It was just kids messing around.
 photo fa51d05f-c6e7-485d-b6c4-bc8501958753_zps8140f298.jpg

A navy plane crashed just north of our place today.  Three navy aviators not going home tonight.  I always think of their mums, dads, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, children, family, pets and friends.  The sadness this will bring to them.

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